Monday, March 13, 2017

Week of Miracles in Japan - Cute Email from Princess Five

This is Princess Five's latest email from Japan.  She sounds like she is doing well. She didn't send any pictures this week but did email me asking if I could send her pictures of my mother while she was in Japan. I know I have one waiting to be scanned but these three have been scanned already so I sent her these three.  The top one is my mother in the Kimono that Miss Japan gave my mother, I think they traded actually. Then the last is my mother in Tokyo with Miss Japan during her world tour the year she was a national beauty queen. Hope you enjoy the email and pictures as much as we do! 
"Well if it isn't the most beautiful people in the whole wide world! Wowzers I just love all of you! 

Things are still as rocking as ever here in good ole Japan! We are going to go to the beach today, so that is happy! The nice snow covered beach.. jk, it isn't currently covered in snow, but it is still pretty chilly!!

So lets talk about miracles, yeah? 

I had a cool experience at a shimais house. She is a less active member. She fed us dinner, and we played a game with her. The game was "dont eat Pete" if you know that game. We used it as an analogy for keeping the commandments! I started off the conversation, but I had no idea what to say. We, (my cool companion) Shimai and I, talked before about a few ideas of how we could relate the game to gospel principles, but I just opened my mouth, and it was filled! When I was talking I said things then would think, why did I say that? but in the end I asked if everyone understood what I was trying to say, and they all said yes. From that (my cool companion) Shimai shared a scripture, and the elders were able to say some things. Nobody told me what was said after I finished talking, so I don't know where the conversation went. All I know is that at the end,  She lost "Jon Ken Po",(Rock Paper Scissors,)  so she prayed. I was told she prayed for help to keep the commandments! What!? We found out tonight that she smokes. I couldn't believe that something I said (all credit goes to the Seirei) had started that conversation, and inspired her to pray for help. The Spirit is real! I didn't know what to say before we started, but we had prepared, and the spirit took care of the rest. The little Japanese that I know started a gospel discussion. It was just a really cool experience for me! 

We also ran into a Non-Active member on the street while walking home yesterday, so that is just another sign that God loves us! We prayed while walking to find someone who needed us, and we walked right into one! 

I have lots of cool spiritual experiences while studying. Why don't we all do it all the time? The scriptures are amazing!! But I bet you are wondering who loves Elder Holland like I referred to in my email subject. The answer.. Its me... I love Elder Holland. He came to Japan, but because Hokaido is such a fun cold island, he didn't stop here. There was a huge broadcast to all of Japan. It was broadcasted a few weeks ago, but I didn't get to watch it until this week. Let me tell you folks..... IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!! Oh my goodness. I wrote down like 5 pages of notes. I couldn't get enough! He talked about the law of sacrifice. People used to sacrifice lambs, but once Jesus came to earth we stopped sacrificing lambs. We now sacrifice a broken heart and a contrite spirit. You know why?? Because when Jesus Christ died for us on the cross, he died from a broken heart! When he was stabbed in his side, a lot of liquid came out. A lot of blood that shouldn't have been there, was in there. His heart was broken. All of the little symbolic things that Elder Holland talked about were so cool. Like how they should have broken his legs, but the soldier stabbed his side instead, because the savior couldn't have a broken bone. And how we break bread. we don't cut it. We have to break it for the sacrament. Just tons of little things that testified of Christ. I wish I could just send the broadcast. It was so cool. My choppy explanation is not very good!! Just know that I learned a lot, and that I appreciate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Remember (The cool lady last week) san, and how we gave her flowers because her Grandfather died?  We also found out it might have been an uncle.. but anyway, We went to give her the note we forgot at home, and when she opened the door, our flowers were sitting on her Genkan counter. A genkan is the place where you leave your shoes, because you don't wear shoes in peoples houses here. It is the best. But They were sitting right there, so that is happy that she liked them!

We celebrated (Fun lady's) birthday! She is a recent convert. It was a surprise, and she loved it.  It was so fun. (My cool companion) Shimai and I gave her a notebook/journal/whatever she wants it to be book with spiritual pictures and messages that (My cool companion) Shimai drew and wrote. Barton Shimai is so talented! (Fun lady) also came to church yesterday!! She left after the sacrament. She wasn't doing well at all. she is sick. After watching her fumble forward trying to leave, we decided to walk her home. I hope she gets better real soon!

My life is soooooo good! Our area book is kind of a mess because we just have too many potential investigators! It is better than not having any though! So the going out and dendoing has been a little slow, but fixing the book up is really important, so I'm excited that that is getting fixed too! 

I love you all, and hope you are having a fantastic week! Choose to be happy ok? That's what I do, and it is working wonders! Let Christ into your life. Go to God and sacrifice your broken heart, and your contrite spirit. He is waiting for you to ask for his help!!!

Please excuse my awful English/Writing Skills.... 

Ai Shiteimasu!

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