Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Maybe It Wasn't Meant To Be - Mission Pictures from Japan

So first thing this morning, Princess Two texts the family showing a picture of Princess Four at a Temple in Japan and saying her friend texted it to her and I guess is related to the girl with Princess Four. I have never seen this picture before and so I write back, "Oh, maybe she got to go to the temple today, we will have to wait to hear about it next week!" 

I get a barrage of messages from all the girls saying that it was one of the pictures she sent this week. I tell them all that I didn't get a email of pictures this week and forwarded them to my blog which says there were NO pictures this week. 

I look in my junk mail and in my deleted mail and there is no email. One of the girls forwarded this email to me and shows that my emails is right in the top with all the sisters emails so I should have gotten it. However, I have a stalker / hacker in my life so nothing surprises me and deleting an email from my account would be a blip on the scale of horrible that they are capable of so I just rolled with it. 

On a happy not, Princess Four sent pictures yesterday! Fun for us.I get the email. I save the pictures from it so I can upload them onto the blog, I upload them and this is how they first uploaded to the blog. 

The temple one is to the right and the chopsticks one is upside down. However, they are not that way when I look at them on the drive. So, I go to the pictures, flip them around so that they will upload right but they looked sideways and upside down on the drive.  

I upload them again and now, they are flipped to the left and the chopsticks one is still upside down? I am not sure how that works out but wonder what picture demons are in my computer and life making it so hard for me to get pictures of Princess Four on my blog. 

I go to the files and flip them back to the original placement and try and upload them and they uploaded all right side up! I only select the files that are correct to upload onto this post. I open the post and all the funny pictures are uploaded and posted.

I am not sure what the moral of the story is, but I am super glad that Princess Two uploaded that picture to our family email or I may not have ever known that she sent pictures. The girls are busy and don't always look at the blog unless I share something with them or they are looking for something.

Here is a description of her pictures.
"Yay girls day! They set up these fun dolls for this fun holiday. If you don't take them down on the holiday though, your daughters marriages will come later. Fun.

My cute new zone!

The day I met my companion - I love to visit the temple, I am excited to go back!

I promise I can use chopsticks now. I'm still bad, but look at how good I'm getting!"

I am glad I was able to get to see the pictures as I have really missed Princess Four this last week or two as I have been working in the yard as she will always come and help without being asked. The pictures and emails let me know she is well and being taken care of which is all any parent needs to know! 

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