Thursday, March 23, 2017

Princess Five is a "Little Woman"

 Regional Theater is this week. Princess Five is doing a scene with a friend and they are doing a scene from "Little Women." 

She has wanted to do a scene with someone every year but she couldn't get her friend to do it with her so I told her to go outside the box and find someone that can sing and talk them into doing a scene with her. 

She had a boy that was going to do a scene but after months of working on a scene, they just couldn't get the harmonies. She was once again on the look out for someone to do a scene with so she could do some harmonies.  

She found a younger girl that is perfect for the part they chose to sing. She is doing the scene where Beth lets Joe know she is dying and that she needs to "let her go." Princess Five is playing "Joe" and the other girl is Beth. 

"Somethings Are Meant To Be" is the song they are singing. They have been practicing when they can find some time as her partner is on the track team and some other things and you know how busy Princess Five has been. 

I was going to blog other things but I have been fighting a migraine for the past two days so I figured I would just let you know that she has it going on and I will post more later and hopefully get a video of  the two of them doing it. 

I have coached them a bit in the past few weeks and they looked really good today. I am excited to see how they do. I didn't get much done today due to the headache but I did get her dress hemmed to length and when she got home from her out of town band trip today, we enjoyed visiting after they did the scene and just before she went to her one act play practice. 

It was a good day despite the headache and I hope to have a better day tomorrow.

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