Thursday, March 2, 2017

Potato Chip Switcheroo - Same Price 1/3 Less Product

Princess Five and I go through potato chips on a bing eat when we have soup. We never just pull a bag of chips out of the pantry and eat them as chips. 
I rarely ever add salt to any of my homemade soups. The reason for this is we LOVE to eat potato chips or corn chips in our soup. I am not sure when this started but it has always been. I also love to eat my yogurt more like a dip with my yogurt and rarely eat yogurt alone without chips. It is a weird thing but I feel like I absorb the yogurt better when I eat it with the chips, maybe it is the sodium on the chips, and the potassium in the potato along with the calcium in the yogurt combo but truly, I eat the two together and have for over 20 years.  

Imagine my sadness a few months back to realize that Lays has gone from having a 12 ounce bag of chips be the regular size to now an 8 oz bag of chips being the regular size! 

The regular chip bag was always about $2.50 at Walmart and the "Party Size" was more per ounce than the regular size so it was interesting to me to see the bag size drastically cut and have the price stay the same! You would think that cutting the size so much, they would at least drop the bag a quarter or something. NOPE! 

Now, the "Party Size" is less per ounce than the new 8 ounce bag. Truly, the regular size isn't much bigger than the individual sizes you get with a sandwich at subway. The walmart chips are also 8 oz. but of course are cheaper. I have never enjoyed the taste of cheap chips as they taste really oily to me, like dirty oil was used or something. I wonder if walmart made their bags 8 oz first and were cheaper and then Lays followed or if Lays went smaller and then others followed. It is interesting to see how they are all getting smaller for the same price though. 

Of course, we will pay the extra price as not all chips are made equally but it makes me wonder if I should try to make my own potato chips. I love homemade fries and we make them regularly so perhaps I should do some research into making my own chips as well. 

Or, we may just need to start eating more corn chips with our soup. We like corn chips with some type of soups but with home made turkey, we LOVE the potato chips. 

I still remember when the snack pack snickers went from containing 10 to 8 per package, it was when gas went up over three dollars a gallon but funny how when the price of gas comes back down, the cost of the food and sizing don't revert back to what it was before the price hike. 

It is what it is and I have been buying the "party size" bags as they are a bigger bargain at the moment but my guess is they have a reduction of size in the plan in the near future for those as well.

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