Monday, March 20, 2017

Car Napping - Sititus Times Two

I shared last week that my computer died. I spent hours online and on the phone researching what computer I should get as I need one that is fast enough to handle my mom's scanning, video editing etc. 

I have another 12 "super 8" movies being developed now and 170+ I did a few years back. (Here is a post about that) I got all the videos copied for my fathers side of the family (any of them anyway) but have never had the ability to pull out my mom's family and make copies for them so I am hoping that once I get the new computer, I will be able to do that. 

I drove two hours to the nearest computer places after calling three different places and looking online thinking I could get what I wanted in the nearest city. Well, that didn't turn out so well as one store had water leaking and took down half of their computers and the other store had ten or so out for display and not one of the brand I wanted to purchase in any shape or size in the entire store. I was SO upset that now I would have to drive the two hours home with no computers and purchase something online sight unseen. 

I really just wanted to touch the computer and test out the keyboard and feel it, hold it etc. Something can look great online but when you get it, it may feel tinny or not be comfortable to type on etc. 

The salesman looked at the expected shipment dates for the computer I want but even in a better unit is due today so I am praying the shipment does come in and isn't postponed. I have to be home for Princess Five so I can't stay as she has sterling scholar this week with lots of other things as well. 

Princess Two and I enjoyed attending church and it was such a lovely day that we both ended up taking a nap in her car. See my original post about "Sititus" here.  When we got up to head into the house, I noticed that in her cup holder, she had a lot of change. It was her "found money" and I was surprised with how much was in the cup. Check out my post about that here. 

I enjoyed getting to spend some time with her but really hope that I can be home with a new computer BEFORE my next blog! 

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