Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Disney Princess Four In Japan - Could it Happen

Wowowowow, What is up Beautiful souls!! Is everyone spending their July celebrating? Eat lots of Suika(watermelon) for me!

You want to know what's poppin? My lipgloss, the gospel, the fireworks at your house and here in japan for all of the festivals, AND MY BIKE TIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! I ran over an Earring!!!!! I came out to get on my bike, and it was completely flat... don't worry. I still have the earring. Its owner has no idea that it made a new home in my front tire. My companion is an angel and patched it right up for me! And then the elders came and pumped it up for us. Why does every one love me so much!!

I honestly don't know what even happened this week... but lets try and focus on the MIRACLES!!!
FASHION INDUSTRY..... THE SPIRIT IS SO REAL!!! So the day I ran over the earring we were trying to visit a referral who wasn't home. My companion led the way being totally guided by the spirit! We pinged these few houses, and no body was interested. Then I felt like we should ping a apartment complex called "Cosmos." I was a little hesitant because I let my fears get in the way of the spirit, but I decided to be brave, and raise my voice. UM. Yes. Hello. God loves us. I felt like on one of the doors if they didn't answer, we should leave an English class flyer. I don't know why

I felt that, but then after pinging twice, and knocking we were about to leave,  then we hear a Sorry, in English.  We told her we speak Japanese. She said she wasn't interested in Religion. Then we said we teach free English that isn't gospel related. She got super stoked and she said, please wait a moment. So we waited for a very long moment, thinking maybe she wasn't coming back, then this super cute lady came out!!

We talked about fashion, and pearls, and she looked at my necklace. It is a good conversation starter. I wear a charm from my grandmother that is an abacus from her travels around the world. The Japanese people flip when they see it, then flip when I tell them the story behind it. I tell them my grandmother was famous and got it on her travels around the world and she picked up charms everywhere she visited. They always want to know why she was famous. Well... My companion usually jumps right in to let them know my grandmother was a USA Beauty Queen......

THIS LADY GOT SOOOO EXCITED!! We talked more, and she also found out I want to be a Disney princess in Japan. Her cousin is pretty high up in the securityness levels of Disney japan, so she said she would talk to him. More and more talking and cut two days later when we call her back after a missed call.... She talked nonstop for 40 minutes! She has a surprise present for me.... I'll let you know.... But she is giving me a Disney calendar, and already talked to her cousin.. and she mention getting tea and coffee together, and going to sing karaoke together.... haha don't worry, we will let her know why we cant do those things together. But yeah, so she is studying make up right now, so she wants to take glamor shots of me to send to Disney... so there was a lot more to the story, but that was like the most fun/crazy/funny/eventful/stressful because so much Japanese, but yeah. I can't wait to teach her!!!!!

Anyway. Spiritual things... haha We don't do a ton of work right now due to some health issues in the companionship, but I can see my Japanese improving. The gift of tongues is real. I love it. And the
scriptures ALWAY know just how to comfort me, and tell me what God needs me to know, and what to work on. Right now that is faith and Charity. Doing things of love makes everything a million times better!!! My situation isn't perfect right now, but I am still happy because I have the Lord on my side, and the purpose of his atonement is so that we can all be happy forever. Sorry there was only one long story, but it was really a crazy thing!

If you are feeling down. Go serve somebody out of love. It will change you!

Also... I didn't take any pictures this week.. except this one to my friends who gave me some peanuts butter... haha lol. Life is good folks! Happy end of JULY!!!

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