Monday, July 3, 2017

Fourth Of July In Japan With Princess Four

Princess Four has been having the same symptoms of Princess Two when she was in Taiwan of metal mouth and sores on her face and in her mouth. Princess Two went to the Dentist several times and we tried several things and nothing worked. She was finally able to clear up the body sores but we never figured out what the cause was. Here is a link to one of the posts about her being sick with the same thing.

Princess Four started a few weeks back with the metal mouth and sores on her tongue and last week started with face sores. We have a few ideas of what it could be but it was weird that both girls got it after six months in the country or so and both were on coastal Asian cities. Please keep her in your prayers that she can overcome whatever is causing this. She never knew what symptoms Princess Two had with that illness so it couldn't be in her head. Here is her latest email.

"Oh say can you see!!!! By the dawns early light!!!! Oh what proudly we hailed, at the beautiful people's faces gleaming! Don't worry you gorgeous creatures you. I still have some American Patriotism in me! But just know life is good here in Nihon. 

Lets spread some birthday love! Also birthday shout out to my nephew. He is one of those fourth babies. We celebrate him with fireworks yearly. 

Ok lets get to some miracles ok? 
I just have to dive into the good stuff first... Ayaka chan bore her testimony at church yesterday, and the ward went crazy! I understood like 0% because I had just bore my testimony/nerves/ I was just so excited she got up there! I was smiling like crazy. But apparently the gist of it was that she had been bullied, but she feels love here. And it's something she has not felt before, but she thinks because of the love she has felt at church, she thinks there might be a God! 

We had a 5.1 earthquake.. 
Yes. An earthquake. At 11:45ish. My companion and I both woke up, and were like why are we awake? Was there an earthquake? Then like .5 seconds later, Ayaka chan texted us asking if we were ok. God works in REALLY mysterious ways! I also like to think that our new Mission President made the earthquake happen because he is shaking this mission UP!  I have to memorize Doctrine and Covenants Chapter 4 in Japanese by Wednesday... so please pray for me.. I also have to memorize a kind of difficult, well for me it is difficult, alto part for the "meeting the new president" meeting... so also pray for that.... haha

Wow. Um... so many shukufuku! Also I learned that the word Shukufuku. Blessing. Is a church word, and most Japanese people don't know what it means unless you are a member... so that was a bummer.. because Americans use the word Blessed like none other. #JustJapanThings

We had a mogi(role play) lesson with a family who is Japanese, but lived in America for 15 years, so they are pera(fluent) in English. The dad told me that even though my Japanese isn't perfect, I am still able to get my message across, which is what matters. I bore my testimony at church yesterday, because the spirit told me to, even though I knew my Japanese isn't too great. I made it through, and only forgot one word! But the ward helped me remember! The same man, he is a member of the bishopric by the way, said the same thing. So , my Japanese is FFFFAAARRR from perfect, but I'm learning that showing love and trying is way more fun and good than trying to be perfect. I mean I am still striving to become perfect someday, but baby steps are good!

I got to eat all you can eat strawberries FOR FREE because the ward went strawberry picking!
Strawberries here are expensive, so it was a party. And ayaka chan came. The American family here is friend-shipping her soooo well, and it is really making a difference. Always be a friend people. That's our purpose in life. Make people happy. Through the gospel! 

We taught a lesson to a family. The daughter is 6, but I can already see how the gospel blesses families. We taught that god is our Heavenly Father, and that we are children of god. We got her a mirror and wrote, Kamisama no kodomo desu, I think... but in English it translates to I am a child of God. She kept reading it over and over ,and looking at herself. It was really cool. She has become more reverent during lessons, and prays with help. The church is true folks. 

Yeah mostly life is fun, and missions are fun, and the gospel is fun. I love getting to serve, and make mistakes, and learn, and grow, and repent. I can't begin to explain how much I love this gospel. THE CHURCH IS TRUE. IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT YET, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, PRAY, AND GO TO CHURCH! YOU WILL GET YOUR ANSWER!!!
So yes. I hope everyone has a happy fourth. Be safe, please.

福音は真実です! The gospel is true! 愛しています! I love you!" 

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