Friday, July 7, 2017

Swollen Feet Kinda Week

I have several posts I want to blog but my life has been a bit crazy the past month or so. I will get those things posted but I HAD to get these other things done. The flooded basement is now all put back and dried. Yahoo for all that.

I have been working this past week every day all day in the yard and then going to play practice where we are on our feet dancing for hours. Climbing ladders, bending and cutting wood and then dancing on my feet in the extremely hot weather has caused my feet to swell.

This happens when I sweat a lot and then drink bottled water or soda and my mineral levels get off. The water I drink goes right into the tissue and doesn't get absorbed so I have swollen feet and hands. I was doing better with it until I took the long car ride to visit friends on the fourth and when we arrived home that night, I couldn't see my ankles.

Once again they were doing a little better until today where I sat working on some documents all day. Today was the only day we haven't had play practice and I thought maybe they would be better but during the play practice last night, I had on long flair pants and they got stepped on and I fell and hurt my feet twisting as I fell.

That incident along with the sitting all day has left me with super swollen feet! There is so much swelling it is called "Pitting Edema" and depending on how deep you can make a mark and how long the mark stays on the skin, is the extent of the edema. You can see on the outside of the left foot that there is pitting. I just pushed my other toes in that area for a second and it left those deep indentations.

The feet aren't oozing any fluids so that is good but they are quite swollen and Princess Five has been so kind to rub them gently as the stretched skin hurts when she pushes hard. This tends to happened also when I am taking vitamins or anything that builds up in my system that it can't release quickly. I have been taking some herbals which probably added to the situation. I have been off everything for a week now and I think my body has just had enough recently. I have been working very hard on things and probably just need a day with my feet up so they can recover. I also think it has something to do with the parasites as I have only had this issue the past few years.

We have a month left until the play and I doubt things will get much better before then. It will be interesting to see how they hold up until then. I am supposed to be wearing tap shoes but truly don't think I want to be wearing anything so ridged up until then.

I will try to get the worst of the stuff on my list done this weekend and hopefully have a better week next week with no working on ladders in the hot sun or digging up sprinklers etc, all of which I have on my "to do" list for this weekend. Should be interesting!

Have a BLESSED Day!


  1. I am trying to figure out how to respond to your wonderful blog. I am sick and trying to find hope, and perhaps share valuable information. I have tried to comment a few times but don't know if I'm doing it right. God bless and thank you!

    1. Hi Maria,
      Thanks for writing. I am so sorry to hear about your health. I get so many people writing me saying they have many or all the symptoms I have. I wish I had some information to share but I post everything I have found and tried online so that others can know what to try and what medication hasn't worked and also the tests which may be helpful or not.

      I get messages like you sent here but when people put personal information, I can't post them or reply as I don't communicate outside of youtube or blogger as I need to keep my kids safe from the online world. I will reply if you write publicly on here or you can write me a private message on my youtube channel "thesecretisgratitude" cannel and I will reply on there. I truly can't tell you anything as I have posted all I know and have not come up with a cure yet. I am hopeful that at some point science will catch up but hope that I am still around when they do as my lungs are getting quite damaged. Thanks for writing and I hope you have a Blessed Day!

    2. Hi Tejae,
      Thank you so much for responding! I'm not clear on whether I am putting personal information on here by how I wrote, or if I am writing publicly....please forgive me for being ignorant about blogging, but I will catch on! I will attempt to write you on youtube. I have clear days and foggy days. I will tell you that I prayed consistently for months and had friends praying also specifically for a diagnosis. Three days before going to Ashland, OR and spending a $1,000 insurance check to be tested for black mold and see a doctor there, God caused me to come across your site. I knew then exactly what I had, and that has never changed since I found your blog about 8 months ago. Too bad it had to be something a cure isn't known for, but God has a cure I believe. I have been suffering acutely for 2 or 3 years, but believe now I contracted it in 2004 or 2006, and think it may have been in the same region. I want to tell you that I believe putting frankincense on my chest, lungs, hip, abdomen, etc., has kept me from major distress in those areas so far. I put drops in my mouth constantly...have probably gone through 30 bottles of the NOW brand in the last year and a half, also putting it in lotion, etc. (I know that's not what you're supposed to do.) I have had black specks come from my lungs once after rubbing it on my chest. Recently I have been putting a good quality lavender on a cloth and breathing it and finding new hope. I've used lots of lavender, but breathing it seems to do something different. I have felt more than once that lavender is the cure God has provided, but scientific research needs to be done on the "how". I could write a book on this journey, as you know. I've had it looked at in a University Lab, but when sending to a regular lab and even stating what it is, I get "the specimen is not a parasite." I will tell you that I am a walking specimen, but have no faith in the system. I am in the south now, and trying to make connections with another university. I appreciate any prayers for that. God bless you for all you have done! I will be praying for you!

    3. Hi again Maria,
      I am so sad when I hear stories like this and I get them almost daily. I pray for us all and know that God will bless us with a cure in His time. I continue trying things. I now have an allergy to Lavender Oil but continue to use other oils. I used the frankincense for years, the Thieves for years putting a drop in my mouth nightly and a few times a day as needed. I still "huff" the 3% peroxide which I know isn't the best but when my chest gets tight, nothing else works like that does.

      It would be wonderful if you could find a worm to send in and get diagnosed so I am not the only one but they are sneaky little things and since you are using oils, I doubt they are in your digestive tract so you may not have them in your stool due to that. I am sure there will be LOTS of books written about the journey of this parasite once they study it more. Good luck with your university and let us know how it goes. God Bless us all! Tejae

  2. Hi Tejae. I will try to contact you privately on the YouTube account soon, but as I mentioned, I am a walking specimen. Why I am walking around has to be only due to the glory of God! I can produce specimens... but even a lab in Sacramento did not id it as a parasite. It is so widespread that I suspected it is being covered up. The environmentalists at UC Chico said it was a filarial parasite and showed me under the microscope. I am also infected by an insect.. they confirmed. I don't have a Dr since coming back to the South...and I have been beaten down so bad by the medical establishment and well-meaning family that I haven't been able to get back up and go at it again. There's no point in going the same route again. But I am willing to go to any doctor or lab anywhere that understands what this is, just to be diagnosed.. I know there's no known cure. But as you know, it's life or death for many many people to have this diagnosed. I have brain fog and anxiety that are crippling much of the time but this is a fight God layed on me to fight and I will fight, but desperately need support. I will lay my life down for the scientists to experiment with to save so many prescious people I know who have this...and not one of them will open their eyes or join me in this least not yet. God has sustained me for a reason. I am 63 and female, so doctors say I have black coming out of my skin because I"think" there's something wrong with me. I'm sure you already know that filarial parasites can cause the lymph issues. Burdock Root helps me tremendously. Walking and the hydromassage at planet fitness and also their infared total body enhancement have provided real benefits when I can go. I can breathe/use a bunch of eucalyptus and produce stool specimens many case that helps others. I can pull them from my hair any time. This is the first time I've told anyone. God is in control of this situation and completing his purposes.

  3. God bless you Tejae!

  4. In a call to Mexico pharmacy, they said to take one course of vermox plus or take flagyl. I have been there twice and gotten excellent quality medicine before I knew what type of parasite it was, and had already taken those. But the other issues going on could complicate the outcome. But vermox nor flagyl healed me. I thought for awhile it flagyl was doing it. Maria

  5. I think the nature made brand of burdock root works better for me than some others. God bless you. Maria