Monday, July 17, 2017

Broadway Birthday For Princess Five

The last few weeks have been super busy. I have been cleaning out my garage, going to five hours of play practice a day, I traveled to see a Dr. and Princess Five had her 18th birthday. 

I have been giving Princess Five gifts for her birthday for the last few months as she is getting ready to head off to college. I have been purchasing shirts for a quilt she would like and she has been on three major trips / tours. I have paid for them and been gathering items she will need at college.

She has gotten some really cute dishes, bath sets, bed spreads, silverware and other items. I think she is feeling a little bit more prepared for college.

The day of her birthday, I was out of town and we had five hours or more of play practice. She didn't want to go with me out of town as I thought we could get some lunch and visit but one of her friends called and she was planning on bringing her a pizza to play practice for dinner.

Princess and I were at practice and I looked over at about 8 p.m. and she didn't look great and I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was hungry. I asked her what happened with her pizza dinner and she told me her friend backed out. I realized that I hadn't eaten all day and she hadn't eaten in hours. I knew she wanted pizza for her birthday but thought it was covered.

It just happened that my dear friend Melissa was at the play for a few minutes as she was helping with props. She owns a pizza shop. Even though it was near nine, I asked if she would be willing to bring a pizza for Princess Five. She was so sweet! She rushed off and came back with a large cooked pizza for Princess Five, a gluten free pizza for me and made a dessert pizza as a "birthday cake" for Princess Five.

We arrived home after ten and both really enjoyed our pizzas and she enjoyed her "cake" pizza as well. I know it wasn't her idea of a great birthday but she seemed happy to have pizza and cake to finish it up.

I gave her a personalized license plate and she chose to put a Broadway quote on it. "Dancing Through Life" is a song from "Wicked" and she was limited by space and letters on the plate. I also found her a "Broadway" wall hanging and have been working on finding Broadway t-shirts so I can make her a t-shirt quilt out of musical theater shows.

It may not have been exactly what she wanted, but it was wonderful that she was on stage practicing for a Broadway show performance, she also got some fun Broadway stuff and hopefully, we will have enough shirts to make her t-shirt quilt soon. She is leaving today for another trip to some fun spots with a 4H group. I will miss her but know she will have a wonderful trip with some of her best friends!

Have a Blessed Day!

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