Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Removing My Own Rain-Gutters

 About a year ago, it was raining SUPER hard one night. About three a.m. I had a really strong feeling (or as I like to call it a prompting) to go outside and look at the front corner of my house.

I grabbed a flashlight and an umbrella and trudged out into the downpour wondering why I would be having that feeling at such a time. I went right to that corner of my house and saw sheets of rain coming off the roof there and my rain gutters were being pushed away from the house and there was a section of about four feet that were at least a foot away from the house.

I love my Heavenly Father  who gives me promptings or tells my guardian angels to work out the situation as I needed to know that there was a problem in that corner of the house. There were just little signs here and there that a small amount of water was getting into the corner wall of the house.

I had the roof done several years back and I kept seeing little drips in the basement window frame showing that some water had gotten into the frame / wall. I live in a fairly dry state and even if it did leak, it would evaporate quickly so it was more of a mystery where the water was coming from than a worry about it as there was never enough to do anything with it.

I had more insulation put into my attic a few years back and with that, when it would rain, it would creak more. I think a small amount of water was getting in and wetting the insulation and then make the insulation heavy causing it to creek.

When I hammered the gutters back into the house, I didn't get them under the little metal edge and I had many times over the years cleaned them out trying to seal the joints with different methods and couldn't quite get them to stop leaking at the joints. The people who sold me the house put them up themselves and there were many bent nails.

I had the trees near the house and needed to prune them before getting new gutters so I postponed them going up until I was able to finish the trees. As you can see by my post a few days ago, they are now pruned. I was able to climb on the roof and kick down some of the gutters and was able to pull down the rest so I could get new ones put up. I saved a few hundred dollars by taking them down myself.

I also hired someone to redo the gable flashing and apparently, the roofers did the East gable right and the West gable wrong and unfortunately, the West is where most of the storms hit my home so each time it would rain REALLY hard, some water would seep down under the roof shingles and drip a bit in the basement window! It also explained the sheet of water during that super storm a year or so ago. Yea for figuring out that mystery and getting it fixed! It will be nice to have seamless gutters!

Have a blessed day! 

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  1. Wow! You're such a n inspiration... great job! Maria