Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Joy of Being a Grandmother

Lately I have been so busy doing house and yard that I haven't posted the fun things. I tend to just post things that are current and lately, it has been super busy and crazy.

About five months ago, Princess One skyped me on my new computer and had Grand-Princess One read me a Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham."

A few weeks back, Princess Five was face timing Princess One and we got Grand Princess One on a good day. Some days, she won't sing for us but that day, she was really happy to sing.

She sang two songs for us. One is an action song that she sings at Nursery called, "Once there was a Snowman" where they make actions and melt in the sun into a small spot on the ground.

She also sang us the "ABC Song" and she was so cute. I love the ones that she messes up. I also love that she feels so confident to sing it out loud. She was so adorable.

I also loved that Prince One was playing in the background with Grand-Prince One. He reads to them each night allowing them to pick the book. He plays a game with his daughter when he gets home. When she hears the door open or sees him pull up through the front window, she runs and hides and then when he comes in, he has to "find" her. She gets so excited when he gets home, it is so adorable.

I hope you enjoy her cuteness as much as I do! Have a Blessed Day!

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