Thursday, February 23, 2017

ShakeGenie Probiotic Yogurt Maker - Part 2 - SUPER GOOD

What do I do after the ShakeGenie has processed for the 8-10 hours? I am glad you asked!
I have two videos on this post. One shows what to do after your unit has processed the milk and the second is one I made showing what we did with some of the yogurt and how we flavored it! 

After 8-10 hours, you should see a little bubbling / separation of the milk / whey / liquid probiotics toward the top of the container. It can look a little yellowish and at this point, I would shake and taste it to see if it is the thickness you want or if you want it a bit thicker. 

I went with putting it in the fridge at that point as I figured it would still be culturing as it cooled and I am wimpy when it comes to the tartness of real yogurt.

In the morning, I pulled out the cooled yogurt and shook the container and then decided that instead of flavoring the entire gallon with something we may not enjoy, I had better do some flavor tests so that we can enjoy it! 

First I flavored a glass with a dropper of stevia and a few drops of lemon extract. I really enjoyed it and thought it was kinda refreshing. 

I pulled out all sorts of sugars that we could use to sweeten it as I wanted to try them and see which we liked better. The owner says he takes and pours off 1 1/2 cups of the yogurt and pours in 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of sugar into the gallon and then puts in flavoring to taste. 

I don't like to add sugar to things if I can help it so I tried agave nectar, stevia, and fruit. You could also try honey, maple syrup, molasses (great if you need natural iron), date sugar, or any other type of sugar, even raw sugar. 

I then pulled out some flavorings and made different little containers adding flavorings and different sugars to see which we liked best. 

After I made some, I realized that you can actually use any flavoring that you would use for homemade suckers, candies, frostings etc. I have about 50 different flavors for making homemade suckers so everyone could make whatever flavor they wanted which is kinda fun! Click here to see the list of flavors I have. There are LOTS of them. 

I also pulled out nuts, granola, (banana granola which I made, click here to see that) fruit, frozen juices, (click here) and anything I thought would be good in yogurt! 

I also made some little yogurt pops in a few flavors and really enjoyed those! To make those, pour the yogurt into ice cube trays and put plastic wrap over it and poke toothpicks through the plastic. I couldn't find my little Popsicle makers so I made due. 
I figured you could freeze it into cubes and then use the cubes in your smoothies to make it into a fruit slushy or you could just put the cubes into a container and take them to work and by lunch, it would be melted. Take some granola or throw in some frozen berries in a baggie and you could have a parfait for lunch!    

Basically, the possibilities are endless! It is SO easy to make and Princess and I drank half a gallon today. We had a missionary for dinner and she wanted to try it and loved the lemon as well! Great protein boost when I was craving one and I think I may just throw some nuts in sometimes to increase the protein as I am always craving it! 

Thanks ShakeGenie for making it fool proof to make my own FRESH yogurt!

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