Monday, February 27, 2017

No News Is Good News - Missionary in Japan

Princess Four hasn't written more than a little paragraph for the past two weeks. I know she was sick and thought that may be part of it but I think she is spending most of her hour allotment writing personal emails which leaves everyone with a small snippit and no one gets to hear or see what is going on with her. We got no pictures last week and got this one this week. I will write and suggest that she write one informative email as everyone has decided it is better to get one long non-personal with what is going on in her life rather than personal emails that are a few sentenses and we don't know how she is doing with the language, food, health and country. 
This is short but I waited for a few hours hoping we would get more but realized, this is what we get so I hope you enjoy it! 
"So sorry about last week! We went out to work, and didn't have enough time to send long emails. The pictures I sent didn't go through, but it was already too late to send them. So I just sent three emails this week I guess! You'll be so proud of me. I bought a diffuser! And my diffuser I mean a fish pump. It isn't very strong it's better than nothing. I'm not having any problems anymore. My companion can't get better, but we are going to the hospital today for her. She's very clean like you, so our house is mostly spotless. Our washing machine smells bad. How do you fix that. I think if there is mold that is where it's coming from. Would you just do a cycle with bleach? Also it doesn't put in hot water it only washes and cold. But I am really happy!we don't teach very many lessons, but we are still working hard! I want to send out my big email in 30-ish minutes. I miss sitting by you too. I miss giving foot rubs and back rubs. who would've thought!?
Also (Cool old boss) my boss told me you visited her. Good job with the apples! I really hope Princess Five can get a job there and make the ambassador team. She deserves some good things in her life. Transfers are this week, but I am pretty sure I am staying here with my trainer.
I love you,

Then she sent this... 

"I'm also going to need a wireless keyboard probably. Just any type of keyboard that uses Bluetooth will be fine. It can be connected to a case or not I don't have a preference.
I have seen the Bestek cover with a magnet keyboard, and my comp has the zagg one. Just a few ideas! Love you!"

And then the picture with this...

"Thanks for the emails and pictures this week! I love all of you!
Please have such a good week!"

The long email she said she was going to write, she never did. I hope we get a more informative one next week. I love that she says she is happy but it is a bit disheartening to not hear stories or see more pictures. I will just have to be patient for another week I guess. 

Hope we all have a good week! 

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