Monday, February 20, 2017

Online Movie Audition - First For Princess Five

I have an update on my dad's surgery post of Friday. He was doing so well after his surgery, they got him up and walking and then sent him home that night as he was eating and progressing well. 

I spoke with him yesterday and he said he was in a LOT of pain but he was up and walking to keep active but I could hear the stress in his voice. Even in his pain, he asked me how I was doing, ever concerned for his children's welfare. I am blessed with a wonderful father! Please keep him in your prayers that he will recover quickly and not have so much pain.Thanks in advance for that! 

I usually post Princess Four updates but she didn't write today which concerns me. I hope it is just that she is in meetings or it is a holiday or something. I only worry because she had the swollen eyes and sinus thing going on last week. I am sure if there was an issue, they would let me know. 

Princess Five did something new this week she decided to audition for a part in a movie. I am in an actors group or two and have been in a few movies but never go and look to see what is going on in them as my world has been so crazy the past few years.

Last week I had such a bad migraine that I couldn't sleep so I played games, watched movies, anything to distract myself and during one of the longer and frustrating moments, I found a post in one of my groups about this audition. I mentioned it to Princess Four and she LOVES to act so she had me tape an audition for her and I think she did really well. 

We won't know if she gets a call back for a week or so but either way, I am proud of her for putting herself out there and trying. She, as you know, keeps herself busy but this is one experience I think she would really enjoy. I liked being on the set and seeing how things worked and I am proud that she is willing to try and do new things. I LOVE watching her on stage and when she performs so seeing her on the big screen would be WONDERFUL! 


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