Thursday, February 2, 2017

Board Meeting Miracle - Love My Shimai

I LOVE my Father in Heaven and I know he cares about me and my Princesses! 

Today I had a little miracle in my world. I went to a board meeting for the food bank and only one of the other members of the board showed up along with the director of the food bank. 

I guess two members were out of town and one said she needed to remove herself from the board due to family issues and the other two or three must have forgotten as she sent out the reminder last week but nothing this week so perhaps life got them and they forgot. 

The situation was really odd as in the 15 years or so I have been on the board, this has never happened before. We have always had enough to hold the meeting so calling it off was really weird. Due to that, I was going to head out as we couldn't hold the meeting. 

Since I am friends with the director and workers, I thought I would stay for a minute and ask how their families were as one is living with her in-laws due to their health issues and another of her family just adopted a 8 year old girl etc. 

As we were talking, I saw a man walking through the parking lot out the directors window. One of the workers said, "Oh, the guy that wants to do the oral hygiene kits is here." The director then told me that a local dentist that just built an oral surgery place in town has a son that wants to make a large amount of oral hygiene kits to donate to the food bank for his Eagle Scout project! She then read his name off a sticky note she had on her desk. 

When she said the name, my ears perked up. It is the same last name as Princess Fours companion in Japan. I asked if she knew where he lived and she didn't. I went out and asked him if he had a daughter in Japan as a missionary and his answer was "YES!" I introduced myself as Princess Fours Mom! He seemed a little shocked and I asked if we could take a picture to send the girls and so we got someone to take one for us. He is holding his phone with a picture of the two on it! 

At this point his son shows up and he goes to school with Princess Five. I have never met him so I introduced myself to him as he was getting all the paperwork done to send out and get donations for the kits. I suggested they get a few pictures with the state truck that was making deliveries as it isn't at our food bank very often and the driver actually waited for us to get the picture as he was leaving so the fact that the truck was there was a miracle as it is only here a few times a month and it was pulling in when I arrived and was leaving as we walked out. 

I left there and went to get some bananas at Walmart on my way home and wouldn't you know what I saw on my auto checkout, yep a 111! I think God was letting me know that he put that thing together so I could meet the family of the girl living with Princess Four. They are up to good works in helping the food bank and I help the food bank, so many similarities at the moment. They moved here in the last few months from MANY states away as he is opening an office here and their daughter left when they lived in another state and they have never lived here as a family so I do think God has his hand in this whole thing! I still can't believe that they moved 15 miles from my home and their daughter is a few months away from coming home to a place she has never lived! 

God really does watch over all!

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