Wednesday, February 22, 2017

ShakeGenie Probiotic Yogurt Maker - Part 1 - SUPER EASY

I got a new product in the mail this week. I was really eager to try this product as in the past, I have spent LOTS of money buying probiotics due to my digestion problems and allergies. 
I got the product within two days priority mail and since we don't drink milk, I had to go purchase some before I could make it. I talked to the inventor about it at length an he said he lost 25 pounds drinking the skim milk probiotic shakes. He wanted a way to make a high protein and efficient way to make probiotics for his kids. He uses the whole milk for them and the fat free for himself. 

He was able to share all sorts of health benefits and studies done when people take probiotics regularly. He spent many hours figuring out just the right temperature so that you can use a gallon or a half gallon of any type of milk and in about 8 - 10 hours, you have fresh cultured probiotic milk shakes with a high protein content!

The little culture packets I got with the ShakeGenie have five different cultures in them. This week, they are coming out with packets that have eleven types of probiotics in them! 

I am super excited for the eleven probiotic packets as I have always had a problem with chronic yeast infections due to the Hepatitis B shots which are based in yeast. I was also on lots of antibiotics for about ten years so my "gut" hasn't been the healthiest of places that way as all the natural flora had been killed by the antibiotics. 

The product is a heating element inside fabric that acts like a sleeve and goes over the gallon of milk. It is so easy to use that I couldn't mess it up! I told the owner when I talked with him that I tried to make yogurt before and messed it up. I tried to make yogurt cheese before and messed it up. I tried to make Kim-chi before and messed it up so I was a bit worried I may mess this up! 

I think they have a "Mess up free" product here! Basically, you pour a little probiotic packet into a gallon or half gallon of milk and shake it, then slip the unit onto the gallon of milk making sure the heating side is touching the non-handle side of the milk container. Plug the unit in and set a timer. Literally, it takes about 30 seconds to set it up! 
I show on the video in part one how easy this is to use and truly, for one who has never had luck with the yogurt thing, it was truly easy. I know Princess One makes yogurt all the time and I have been there and had to wash up the pan after she boils it and the jars on the counter and in the fridge, also leaving it in the oven etc. Lots of steps and lots of work. 

I truly did nothing to make this! It was so easy and because my house is a bit cooler than most, it took a bit longer than the 8-9 hours and I unplugged it at 10 1/2 or so as I didn't pay super attention but just kept setting the timer for another half hour until it looked and smelled done! 

I opened it up at about 9 hours and I could smell the "yogurt" smell coming out of it and tried a cup without any flavoring and it had a mild yogurt taste which I didn't mind. I did want more of the probiotics so I let it process for more time. Basically, the thicker and more tart you want the yogurt, the longer you leave it in the unit! I am not big on thick tart yogurt so I kept it fairly mild. 
Check in tomorrow for the second half to see the video of how it looks once it has processed etc. 

Seriously, EASIEST yogurt maker I have ever seen. I have probably purchased 10 over the years for emergency prep and have NEVER had luck making it even in the little jar units! This was by far the easiest, cleanest, surest method ever!

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