Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Companioin - Asked and Answered for a Girls Choice Dance

Since it is Valentines week, I thought it appropriate to share about dates. Since my life is too crazy to date this year, I thought I would share how Princess Five asked her last date out. 

I posted recently that Princess Fours missionary companion in Japan's family lives about 15 miles from us here. They moved from many states away AFTER their daughter went to Japan to serve as a missionary so Princess Four's companion has never lived here.

The girls family has two students at the local high school and Princess Five happens to be in percussion with the youngest sister and loves her personality. She has NO classes or contact with the brother that is in her grade as they are in different classes, she hasn't gotten to know him. I met him a few weeks ago and posted about that here.

I can imagine being moved to a new school for your senior year would be difficult but to move to a super small town for your senior year would be even more difficult. 

Princess Five had chosen NOT to attend the spring semi-formal girls choice dance. She told me there wasn't anyone she really liked so she didn't want to spend the money on it. I have never been one to care either way about that and some of my girls went to NO girls choice dances and some of them went to ALL the girls choice dances. I left it up to them. 

For some reason, I felt very strongly that Princess Five should attend. I suggested that she take the brother that is in her grade even though she didn't know him. She told me for sure she wasn't going and that was that. I gave no pressure but suggested that she "think about it" and that was the end of it. 

She came home a day or two later and told me she wanted to jump in her best friends group and wanted to ask the brother! We had to rush and get a few things as we were a bit behind on the planning but she came up with a super cute way to ask him using Japanese and "Companion" bringing the sister into it. 

I was proud of her that she overcame her "fear" that he wouldn't want to go because they didn't know each other and I liked that she addressed it on the invite as you can see by the pictures. 

Since it was a bit last minute, his cute reply was rushed and he bought her a few "pair" of socks and a bag of "sour patch kids" as they both like those according to his sister so I guess he thought he couldn't go wrong giving her those. His reply was, "I think we would make a great "Pair!" As she used "Companion", he used "pair" and both were cute. 
I once again am so PROUD of Princess Five. She went out of her comfort zone to reach out to someone who may be new and obviously hadn't been asked by anyone at that point so she CHOSE to make an effort asking a cute boy she didn't know and made it a fun night for both of them. I will post about her fun and creative date tomorrow! 


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