Thursday, February 9, 2017

One Smart Dancing Princess Five - Academic State

Even though Princess Five didn't get to dance in any of the dances this year due to the accident, she was able to get a few accolades and awards through her participation as President of the drill team. 
She does well in drill down which is when they take commands in military marching. However, this year at state, they did things differently so she wasn't able to participate in the drill down which made her very sad as she does well in it. 

They didn't allow any of the teams to participate even though they made it to the state competition, if they didn't win the rounds. They did more of a bracket type of contest rather than the usual state drill competitions so the team was very sad they didn't make it to the second day of competition.
Due to the way they grouped the teams making up new regions and such, the entire team had to stay at a hotel overnight just to have two girls on the team get an award!

I personally think it is just to make more money on concessions and entry fees as they more than doubled the length of it. If they would have given the girls the awards the end of the first day, the entire team could have gone home with their parents or on the bus and not had to pay an extra day for the bus and hotel costs.

Enough of that rant! The better news is that Princess Five was one of only about ten girls in the state in their bracket to get an academic letter! She and the other girls had a combined GPA of over 9.97! Very impressive! She was excited about how pretty the award was as usually the certificates are kinda similar and plain but this one was very colorful and thick. 

I was proud of her dressing up as the letter they sent to them prior to receiving the award asked them to get dressed up but only a few of the girls did that. 

She was the only one on the team to get this award but there was one girl who was "all-state" in the dance category where they go and get tested on all their dance skills. She couldn't participate due to the arm injury.  

I appreciated that the coach pulled her aside after the award and took a picture of her on the sideline as she didn't know if I was there as the team didn't dance that day and it was a four hour drive to see her get the award. 

It was sweet to see her also put her arm around her as they walked off the floor. None of the other coaches did either of those things so I was grateful that the coach took the time to do both of those things. 

It was nice that Princess Two also came to see her get the award. It was good for her to have people there cheering her on for the good things that she does. She works hard to keep her grades up and is always busy doing good things so it was nice to see her get rewarded for those efforts! 

Way to go Princess Five!! Very proud of YOU!

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