Friday, February 3, 2017

Daddy's Home and The Babysitter is GONE

I am not a political blogger. I have never, in the six years I have been blogging, ever written a political statement, agenda, or opinion. Looking at the name of my blog and youtube channel, you can see I am all about the gratitude! 

I will start by saying I voted in the last election but I did not vote for Trump or Clinton. I am probably fairly average on my views and never post on social media about political things. I usually don't believe everything I read and take most of what people say with a grain of something knowing there are two sides to any story. It seems like most media doesn't take the time to give both sides on an issue and have either a very left or very right opinion which overshadows the article. 

I have been stirred by the huge emotions that have been flying all over and am actually embarrassed for our country! Not by what our new president has done, but by how our country is behaving with a world viewing us to know how to respond. I don't think the world is reacting to anything Trump has done in any huge way, I think they are reacting to the fierce behavior they are seeing by our fellow Americans. 

I for one, am sleeping better since he has taken office and I will share why. When a child is at home with a babysitter, the sitter tries to make everyone happy. They tell the kids what they want to hear, letting them stay up late or eat ice cream for dinner. The sitter tells the parents what they want to hear about how wonderful the kids were and may straighten up just before the parents arrive home hoping for a big pay day. The sitter may have friends over once the kids are in bed unbeknownst to the parents or the children and truly are looking out for what they want on all sides and not always what is in the best interest of the children or the home and family. 

My girls, through no choice of their own, spent a few weeks in the summer with someone who let them stay up all night, eat whatever they wanted whenever, didn't brush their teeth and didn't shower. There were no rules, no consequences but also, it left my children feeling "unsafe" and they ended up with lots of cavities that summer and one ended up with a urinary tract infection because she didn't shower or change for a week. They realized from that experience that, they did feel safer and happier having someone reminding them to shower, brush their teeth, feed them healthy meals and putting them to bed at a decent hour. It was a turning point for their personal choices realizing that getting what they thought they wanted, in the end, wasn't good for them.

A normal father, when he is home, wants what is best for his family and will die protecting his home and family from any threat that may enter. When he sends or takes the "sitter" home, he checks the house for threats, locks all doors and windows, checks on the kids to make sure they are safe and sleeping soundly, tucking them in and securing all that is necessary for him to sleep knowing his family is safe. 

I feel like Obama was the sitter who told the "children" what they wanted to hear. He invited friends in who may not have the children's best interest in mind. I feel like there may be strangers lurking in the closets where he allowed them to go by inviting them in without vetting. I think he spent the "savings" of the tax payers on things I personally wouldn't buy if it were up to me.There were many programs, trips, parties and other frivolities that I wish I could afford to do for my family but trying to keep my finances balanced, I go without. I don't feel that Obama ever "went without" for our nation. 

Trump is like the dad coming home securing the windows and doors. I am sad that people freak out with a little bit of knowledge and are reacting in an over-reactive way to his TEMPORARY ban! He is just coming home and checking all the windows and doors, looking in the closest and basement in order to make sure the "family" is safe. Some Muslim women have said they have no problem with his ban. In actuality, if people would do some research, he has put forces into play that will report regularly on "Honor Killings" and mistreatment of women in order to make some change for women in Muslim communities that don't respect women's rights. 

The bans are temporary while he gets the house in order. He is checking the doors! He is NEW. What person when purchasing a new house doesn't check all the rooms? He is a shrewd business man that has built an empire by his gut, wit, intuition, and is savvy. He knows how to budget. He knows how to manage. Think about the jobs he has created and the many people he has employed! He can be frugal, or some would say "cheap" in many ways when he needs to be figuring solutions that would benefit the bottom line. Yet, he spares no expense for what he wants done right. Many millionaires are cheap, flying coach rather than first class and buying used cars over new etc. Am I ok with him spending money to better secure our boarders? YES! Millions of American dollars went missing overseas on Obama's watch, unnessary spending happens on everyones watch. Would I like that money to give Americans job building a fence... If it will secure our boarders better, YES! Every president has addressed the migrant issue but none of their solutions have worked. Lets give his solution a try.

Trump has been in office for a few weeks and everything is new. He and his family are holding up well under the microscope of the media and world. He is probably just what the nations needs. Someone who has built and empire and knows how to read humans and make deals. He is just cleaning house so he can gauge where things are and what needs to be done. I am sure none of his choices have been made lightly. 

He has thick skin and doesn't care what others think of him. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Isn't that the kind of leader we need as a nation right now? Someone who is willing to be the parent and tell the children that ice cream for dinner isn't good and that they need to go to bed or they will be cranky in the morning! I believe that many of the protesters have no idea what the bans are or, why he is doing what he is doing. In the end, will people still be able to come legally into America? Yes, but he is putting things in order to make that process safer and hopefully streamline for those who are less of a threat.

Canada, Australia, Japan and many other nations have much stricter immigration policies than we have had yet just because Trump is who he is, he is under fire. If Obama had done the same thing, I believe the media would have hailed him as the hero who is keeping America safer!   

For those who flung mud showing the picture of Trump turning during the inaugural prayer and saying something to his wife, she wasn't looking at him in fear, she was looking out at the crowd when her smile faded. My guess is he said something like, "The entire world is looking at us right now!" Who wouldn't be freaked out knowing that billions of people were watching that moment. It probably occurred to her that that was the last time she will ever have any privacy and that now her son will be even more of a target and will never know whatever privacy he did have ever again! 

I say we should let the man have a few months to settle in before throwing anymore tantrums. Many Americans are acting like a little child when told to go to bed. They want to stay up so they break things, scream, cry, and disrupting anyone that will listen. If a parent walks away while a child is throwing a tantrum, there is no audience so the child stops the tantrum. If the media quit covering the events, there is no audience and the tantrum will stop. The media is fueling the problem. Just walk away and don't give the tantrum an audience!

When my oldest was about three, we were at a store and she asked for some candy. I told her we had a snack in the car and I wasn't buying the candy. She took the candy and ran out of the first set of doors in the store. I was in line at the checkout. I put my basket down and ran to get her before she hit the second set of doors. When I picked her up, she threw a huge tantrum as toddlers will do. The alarm on the candy hadn't gone off when she ran out because she was shorter than the alarms to the side of the door. When I carried her back into the store, the alarm sounded as the candy was now between the alarms. She was beside herself upset about the candy. 

At this point, I have seen parents in this situation purchase the candy or treat for their children to get them quiet. I, on the other hand, knew that if I gave into her tantrums, it would tell her that next time, if she is loud and angry, I will give in.

I shared with the clerk that she had taken the candy and I would not like to purchase it. I also shared with him that I would be back in a few moments to pay for my items but needed to give my child a "time out" in the car. I took my toddler to the car and there, calmly explained that it is NOT "OK" to throw a fit when you don't get what you want. I shared that sometimes I want thing I can't have but I do not scream and cry and make a scene. I DID NOT tell her if she was good I would go and buy her a treat! That would have just reinforced the bad behavior next time. I told her when she calmed down, we would go back into the store and I would make my purchases. She calmed down and I told her that she needed to apologize to the store owner for taking his candy without paying and promise she wouldn't do it again.She did apologize and we paid for our items and she never again threw a fit at a store because she new I wouldn't give in. . 

I believe that many of the protesters have never had anyone say "no" to them before. They don't know how to handle it when they don't get what they want. Instead of using their words, writing letters, articles and making valid arguments or giving suggestions of what may work, they are throwing a fit, breaking things and acting like a small child would. This only makes America look weak and that we can't make our point unless we use violence, slurs, slander, and underhanded behavior. I loved a video that I saw of "Big Joe" who was passing through the "Protest" in California and at first, he seems like he doesn't know what he's talking about but within a few minutes, he stood up to many people throwing angry words at him but he held his own using his words and knew what he was talking about and came across very educated on the subjects and never called names or used hate words.. 
Joe's words rang true to me at about 3:50 mark where he talks about how good people are afraid to say they voted for Trump or that they agree with his choices due to worry about back lash and being shamed in a public forums by the outspoken people on social media. 

I have a family member who is super outspoken and seems to always be looking for a fight. Her children seem to be looking for a way to get attention though contention or pushing boundaries that are social norms. She took her children to the Woman's March and posted about it. Truly, I don't agree with  most of what she posts but I have seen how when someone in the family tries to give their opinion on one of her posts, she pounces looking for the fight. 
Even though I have an opinion on what she posts, I won't post because I know she is baiting people and egging them on as she ENJOYS the fight! She pursued a career where she "fights" and "debates" for a living.  I know that no matter what anyone says or how good the argument or proof they could give, it would NEVER change her mind and she is just looking for the energy she gets from the fight. It is wasted breath or wasted time writing anything as it was never really about the issue, it is about forcing you to see it her way. That is the problem with most of the protesters. They can't, won't or aren't capable of seeing it from anyone view point other than their own.
I am GRATEFUL that we have a president who isn't afraid to tell the children having a tantrum that he isn't going to reward them for their tantrum! I am grateful that he is checking the doors and locks and cleaning out the closets of those who someone else let in that may do us harm. I am grateful that he is financially responsible that he knows how to balance his budgets and make money rather than spend himself into bankruptcy.  I am grateful that he knows how to create jobs and plans on working on keeping jobs in America and for Americans rather than illegals. I am grateful he is putting TEMPORARY bans on things until he can get an idea of how bad the situation is and figure out a better plan on how to expedite those that aren't a threat and keep those out that may pose a threat. I am grateful he is willing to take the time to figure it out and can't be pushed around by every puff of smoke people are blowing his way! 

Do I agree with how he does everything? No, but he is doing HIS best and HE was voted in. If a new neighbor moves in and I don't like the way he is raising his kids because he has a different religion or belief on parenting, does that give me a right to protest his way? If he is doing his best and what HE feels is best for HIS family even though I may not agree, I am not going to go tell him he is doing it wrong! His way will probably raise a wonderful human any my way will probably raise a wonderful human even though we disagree!!! 

LET THE MAN DO HIS JOB! He was voted in!!! Give him more than a few weeks to see where things settle!! Wait until the ban is over and see what his teams have come up with to make things work better than they were!  

People say he is a feminist. He hired Paula Shugart to run the Miss Universe organization. I have met Paula and she was WONDERFUL and CAPABLE and he had her running his company! She was so thoughtful that even though she was running a national event, she had someone over-night some pictures she wanted to give to my mother and spent the evening visiting with my mom and sharing the photos she expedited for my mother. The things she organized came off wonderfully and I couldn't have been more impressed with her. 

Lets let Trump find people like her, very capable and amazing, to put in positions around him. Lets give him time to put things in order as any new CEO of a large corporation would when he is taking over. He would fill the spots in his organization with people he knows and trust that he can be sure will do their job without being micromanaged. He hasn't had the time he needs to do that!!!! 

I am impressed with what he has been able to accomplish in his life so far. His children seem like good people, his businesses thrive and prosper. Every family has issues and his are more public than most but does that mean he can't run a business or a corporation or a country? Lets give him the time to work out the kinks and see how he does! I would hope that if you took on a new job, the workers around you would be more understanding and kind than our country is being to Trump. 
Take a breath, count to ten, say a payer or meditate, get over your tantrum and lets unite to do something positive. Find someone who you think is doing a good job in government and send them a note. Post something you are grateful for in our country online, They key is gratitude! Give gratitude you can write what you want, say what you want, wear what you want, buy what you want. There are so many people who can't have those basic rights. Put your energy into helping those people! Go on a service mission! Help at a homeless shelter. Work at the local food bank. Do some good and lift someone up rather than tear them down! 

So far, I am sleeping better at night! Thank you President Trump for putting your foot down, locking the doors and cleaning out the house! I know I will get backlash from writing this, my first political rant, but I think I need to give gratitude where gratitude is due! One of the top pictures if my mother shaking Trumps hand. He was so gracious shaking all the ladies hands! I took these photos while we were guest of the Trump organization. He walked a few feet past me on his way to shake my mothers hand. 

I loved that he flew with his daughter to be there when the first fallen soldier of his presidency came home this week. I think we will be seeing more of those type of moments as I do believe he loves his country and its people, even if he has to deal with the toddlers tantrums! President Trump, I for one will be praying for you!

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