Monday, October 19, 2015

Making Fingerless Glove to Cover Rash - Burn - Stitches

I had one of the most painful experiences with the parasite so far this week. I shared that when I used a medication that is over the counter called "Pin-X" or "Pyrantel" the parasites hated it and I got no sleep when using the medication. Here is a link to that post. 
I also posted about soaking my hands in hydrogen peroxide to bring up the nematodes in the lymphatic stage of this parasites life cycle. Click here to see the first post about that.   

I have been rinsing my hands with hydrogen peroxide every time I use the bathroom just to make sure I have killed anything. I then use any type of yeast cream on my hands at night to help with the overgrowth of yeast since the peroxide kills off all the normal flora as well as any parasite stuff. 

With that, I guess I have been driving the parasites into my arms instead. Also, I posted in a blog (click here) where at night, the adult parasites poke out through the skin to lay eggs. This is speculation on my part as there has been no human study of these parasites. This is just things I have felt and observed. I have woken to hot stabbing pain for a second in the soft  parts of the body like behind the knee and the under side of my arm. 

It just happens that where I found that little piece of something dried and withered hanging out of my arm, I had an issue with this week. The day that thing was on my arm was 9-4-15. Friday, I was having a yard sale. I hate them and haven't done one in about 8-10 years because it rained and everything got ruined. My neighbor is moving so I thought since she already publicized this, I would have Princess Four help me as she was home from college and Princess Five was out of town. 

I loaded boxes all day and it was HUMID. It was probably one of the most humid weekends I ever remember where I live now which isn't one of the humid states. With all the carrying and moving, my arm got irritated and then to top it off, I mowed the lawn just before dark with all the humidity and it was feeling like rain. By the time I got inside, I was dripping wet with sweat. I showered and thus, more water. 

My forearm on the bottom was HOT, painful, and red. It was almost like a cellulitis infection. It was hot, raised and red. I didn't take a picture before starting to put peroxide on it but once all the little "Kraken" horsehair nematomorpha nematodes started showing up, I decided to take pictures. I once again probably should have taken video but I can't edit it and there are only so many times you can watch white dots coming up under the skin. 

I was working on my computer and when the hydrogen peroxide would air dry on that spot, I would just drizzle some over the spot and then let it air dry more and more. I continued putting the peroxide on for about an hour as I wrote in my journal. By then, most of my forearm underneath was white. I know if I kept pouring peroxide over it, it would have continued bringing them up but it was SO PAINFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to stop. I was near tears. My finger tips started to hurt. Now, soaking the hands for months now has caused at times a few fingertips to hurt and made them tender for a few days and I just figure it was them dying off. 

Now, I am beginning to think it may be something different. There were SO many parasites in my arm that you are just seeing where I decided to stop due to pain. I had already taken some Tylenol for a headache as I knew rain was coming and my teeth and head were starting to hurt. It did NOTHING to help with this pain. 

It was tender and irritated before I started with the peroxide but this pain was unlike any I have experience before. My fingers tips felt like someone had  a drill bit and was DRILLING into my finger tips with NO anesthesia. 

I didn't want to send them back into my head as I did before by putting oils or something on them so I took some left over Pyrantel creme that I KNOW they didn't like and I rubbed it on the arm, then I put diatomaceous earth on top of that. I wanted to keep them in my arm and hand so they would hopefully die off with the peroxide and Pyrantel. 

I was awake in agonizing pain for about four hours before I could finally fall asleep. I put rosemary oil and lavender on my fingertips hoping that the rosemary may kill them and that the lavender may calm the damaged tissue. Even turning my arm felt like the skin was being torn or ripped in my arm. 

I needed to keep the powder and cream on the arm so I found a cotton sock and made a fingerless glove out of it. Now, I was in pain so I didn't make it very well as I cut it up in all of 30 seconds as I was in so much pain. I do think it would be a great way to cover a kids stitches, rash or burn. If you wanted "cute" looking fingerless gloves, I would just sew the heel part together on the inside with one little seam and you would have a cute pair of finger-less long gloves. 

I have found when we had "water" rashes that the best thing is Bonds powder or Diatomaceous earth. I have tried creams of all types, essential oils of all types, and alcohol, vinegar and a few other things but we always come back to the powder. We then cut the foot off a 100% cotton sock and cover the rash with the sock which keeps the powder from rubbing off and also reminds us to keep it dry. After a few days, the rash is gone. 

My theory is that the little parasites go as far as they can to get away and get stuck in the fingertip but I have shared that these parasites like to coil around each other and get into a type of  "Snake ball" as snakes sometimes do. I think that when they get near to another worm, they start doing their little coil / knot making dance and by sending them all into the hand, they were all doing their coiling dance in my fingertips and that is why it felt like someone was drilling in my fingertips. If you blow up the pictures, you can see there are white parasite dots in my fingertips and I didn't soak my hand, it just got some from when I would shake it off my arm.

I had decided that day that I am giving up on my quest to have people diagnosed with this and finding a cure as everyone I talk to either doesn't have insurance to have it diagnosed, is of a small town mentality that they don't want the "stigma" that comes with the diagnosis or doesn't really want to know they have it or they will have to face it and accept it. Some people are like ostriches with their head in the sand when big threats come they would rather "pretend" that it isn't happening. 

I have given what I had to help those people and share the insights I have learned but as you can see, if I have that many in one spot, how many are throughout my body killing me..... I am going to continue trying things but won't be posting about treatments anymore unless people make the choice to get diagnosed, there is no helping everyone. If I post treatments without people choosing to get diagnosed, they will treat themselves without a diagnosis and that helps only them. If I do figure things out, when someone gets an actual diagnosis, I can share with them personally what I have learned but not until it is official.I am saddest for the children but I am tired. I need to get myself and family healthy.

One person with a diagnosis is not enough to get the CDC looking at where this parasite is coming from and why an entire community has symptoms. I actually met a family from Washington state that just moved here that have all the symptoms and believe they have it and have had for a LONG time and Washington is a more humid and wet state so it wouldn't surprise me at all.  

I feel I have done what I can and posted what I can but now I need to take care of my health. I started trying something new with a nebulizer and am praying for good results. I realized that I can't help people who won't help themselves or their families. 

The bottom picture is my arm after two days of putting on the powder and cream. I have never had sores like that with putting on the peroxide. This was a first. I am hoping I am done with all of this. I pray God will answer my prayers to find a way to cure myself of this nightmare Kraken.


  1. my partner and i are new to this nightmare. we cant seem to get a dr to even talk to us. we have been told tbey dont exist. we must be on drugs. we are simple minded and have been dooped. we are at a loss as to what to do. im worried i have a grandchild just over a year old that i care for daily im sure he will have tbem if he doesnt already. i already suffer with copd and my partner has type 1 diabetes where is this going to take us? i understand not wanting to share more then u already have but if u can just direct us either to where u have posted about how u got a dr to listen. it would be a big help. i may have already watched/read it but i am swimmibg in so much stress with all this i may have missed the important part. please i pray for you health right along with my family. you have been the bravest and most infomative on this subject and if you are unable to do more just know that what you have done has been so appreciated.
    please if u would like direct contact my email is

    1. Dear Lost,
      I am so sorry to hear that the Dr you have seen has not heard you. I went to several and even an specialist who was super rude telling me I couldn't have one and it was in my mind. that week, I found an 8 inch worm and sent it in and that was the worm that finally gave me my diagnosis. Before that, I would send in all sorts of stuff including throat scrapings and 4-5 inch worms and they always came back as "no known human parasite" so I will just tell you to keep on trying. If you can poop into a quart sized bag and add a little water and see if you can find any worms. Sometimes they are little and transparent but anything you can find, put them in some contact solution in a baggie and take them to a Dr. Tell him your found them in your stool and you know of someone that was diagnosed with "horsehair nematomorpha" and I know he won't have heard of it but if you can send it, put a note on it that if they have a hard time identifying the parasite, you knows of someone with horsehair nematomorpha so that if it isn't a known human parasite that you have, they can then know where to look to get it diagnosed!

      I know I don't have much help on here and people constantly write me about how horrible this is and how their Dr doesn't listen. It isn't their fault. It isn't a known thing and they aren't taught about it. Try and find something to verify your infestation. Some people don't have any worms in the gut. If you can't find one there, I really can't help. Even if you did get diagnosed, I haven't found any treatment that works. I am praying that I will find something soon. I will keep posting on my blog and youtube anything I find and any updates. I'll keep praying for all those that contact me and are suffering and also pray that God will speed up the discover of a treatment for these horrible parasites! I hope you have a blessed day. I am going to delete your post after tomorrow as I don't want your email to be out there for scammers or frauds.

  2. First of all thank you so much. You are sent by God because the thousands trying to figure out what Morgellons is and the suffering is beyond anything we could dream up in our worst nightmare. I wonder to distinguish though for Morgellons and I am not saying that you believe this is or isn't Morgellons, just that there are so many similarites. But I wonder do you or did you ever have the lesions with the fiber/hairs coming out of the lesions. People with Morgellons typically get horrible lesions but not everyone does. That is the only part of this I am wondering if this could be the cause of Morgellons. Regardless, you are a wealth of information and proof that things the medical community and the population not suffering from an unkown parasite are misinformed and not open to the fact this Can and Has happened. Whatever Morgellons is, your story is proof that parasites unknown to humans, can infect humans so therefore, Morgellons and the people suffering from itthat has taken so many people down a dark alley of being called nuts and delusional etc can now use your story as proof to say look at this story and medical documentation and proof so dont be so sure. I love your amazing attitude surrounding this and your precious positive spirit that just continues to reply to the people saying it isn't so in such a calm and loving manner that Yes it is so. I pray for you and thank you as I believe this may very well be Morgellons and people will figure this out. We haven't known what we were dealing with and now maybe we do. Do you know that almost every person I know with Morgellons has or had a cat or contact with cats or dogs or other animals or the soil. Think beaches too because Florida, Calif. and Texas are the most states recorded with Morgellons. Barefoot on beaches? Water parasite? You are an angel. Best to you and I am following along and pointing people your way. If you can't keep up , there is plenty here to read. Thank you for your website and sharing this.

    1. Thank you SO much for your kind comments! I just feel so much goodness coming from you! I almost dread reading my comments sometimes as people can be rude but mostly those people are looking for an argument which I refuse to give. God has sent me on this "mission" to find and document this and also helped in finding ways to prove it like the hydrogen peroxide soaks etc. I would have NEVER thought to do that. I never used peroxide like that. I told my family and Dr. long before the diagnosis the I felt that I was supposed to figure this out and find out what the parasite was as he just wanted to try and treat it but I have felt all along that it was important to find out what the parasite was.

      I believe that many people that are diagnosed with this do have "Morgellons" but not all "Morgellons" have this parasite. There are so many different theories about Morgellons. I don't believe it is from outer space or man made. I think it is just a parasite that is super cagy and can hide when it feel threats. Once the scientists know what they are looking for, I think it will be easy to diagnose. I believe all they need to do is take a lung suction in the left lower lobe and then figure out the protein of this parasite and then they can make a blood protein test. Because it doesn't affect everyone in the same spot, the lung is the only "For sure" spot on everyone just like hook and thread worm infest the lung.

      Thank you again for your sweet words and support. I will continue to post what I am trying, tests I get done, and any treatments that seem to work.
      I KNOW that people are getting it from their cats and small dogs and that it is in the soil and water veggies. I believe it won't take them long to verify that once they start looking.

      I will pray for you and all those that write with this nightmare. We can all pray that God will see fit to send the right people to research it and begin to figure this out!

      Have a BLESSED and abundant Day!

  3. THank you again. Prayers back for you and your family and all who suffer this.