Monday, October 26, 2015

Game Room Wall Decor Dream

I had a weird dream last night. As you know, some of my dreams are very real and come true. This dream however was interesting in that it was about decorating. 

I don't know that I have had a dream where I am decorating a room before. In the dream, I was using antique game boards on the wall, framing them and hanging them in a mix. I framed the top of the box in some cases. 

I made the frames myself to fit and the wall was actually really cute. I have been collecting antique games for a year or so as I have all the girls moving out and I want to make the "school house" room, into a fun "sleep over" room for grandchildren. 

Here is a link to that room when I first decorated it. Since Princess Four will be taking her "collection" at some point, I thought it would be fun to have antique games on the shelf with some old school toys that I used to have. I probably have about 15 games and some fun old school toys. I found the "Six-million dollar man" and the "Lone Ranger" figures with some old school barbie dolls to put on the shelves at some point. 

All the girls enjoy playing games so over the past two years, I have been finding some fun "home Decor" game items. 

I have a friend that has an engraving machine and he made the "Love" sign out of scrabble letters for his wife and I bought it from her yard sale last year. I found the Jacks that are mega sized at the same store where I found the large wooden dice and the large card blocks. I don't normally purchase regularly priced home decor items but I had a credit for a few of the items and purchase the others as I thought they were so cute. 

I found the "chess" pieces at different times and I found the "sorry" red pawn / piece at the top at a store for a dollar or two. It is a game of some kind as it speaks when you push the top but I am going to paint it bronze to go on the shelf with the other game items. 

I don't know that any of the "old" games that I have purchased would be cute hanging on the wall or the boxes for that matter but it was just a weird thing to dream of home decorating. I am sure it could be figurative, as in "The games are all on the wall where everyone can see clearly what is going on." 

I have gotten some court papers lately and the games continue so perhaps it is all figurative but even then, it was still fun to see all those old game boards looking so cute on the wall in my dream. I definitely don't have enough really old ones to make it like it was in my dream but maybe some day I will have a "game room" where that could be an option.

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