Friday, October 2, 2015

Blame it on the Kraken - New Name for Hosehair Nematomorpha Parasite in Human

I decided after pondering on it a bit longer, I decided to rename the parasite. I call it "The Kraken!"

For those of you who aren't big "Pirates of the Caribbean" fans, a Kraken is a fictional water creature that comes from the depths of the water to kill you. So, I figure that Kraken is a wonderful name for the water parasite that kills by trying to get you to drown yourself! 

Here is what Wiki has to say about Kraken: The Kraken (/ˈkrkən/ or /ˈkrɑːkən/)[1] is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. A number of authors over the years have postulated that the legend originated from sightings of giant squid that may grow to 12-15 meters(40-50 feet) in length, despite the fact that the creature in the original tales was not described as having tentacles and more closely resembled a whale or crab. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works.
I decided to look up some pictures of "kraken" online and here are a few of my favorite depictions. I had NO idea how many books, movies, comic books were made about Kraken. It was a learning experience for me for sure. 

If you look up "Horsehair nematomorpha  gordian worm" on youtube, you will quickly see that this parasite makes the insect host commit suicide by diving into water where the worm emerges and then lays it eggs in the water.  

I have to tell you that many nights, I have dreams of being on a boat and a tidal wave over takes the boat. Or, I dive into the ocean. Or, the ship I am in is sinking. I also had that morning I woke up with the words in my head, like someone was reading a novel to me, "And she drown herself in a beautiful mountain lake." 

I have found myself thinking of movies during the day like "Message in a bottle" or "The guardian." where the main hero drowns in the ocean. I shake it off and wonder to myself why I would be thinking about that movie. 

I can't say whether it is because I know the parasites makes its host kill itself in water and I am subconsciously making myself think of it because I think I need to because I have the parasite or if it is because of whatever chemical reaction causes the insects to do it is now being released into my body and that is what is causing it. 

I can say I have never thought about killing myself as I have been blessed to not have that problem but I am sure that people who do kill themselves never thought they were capable of doing it so who is to say who is and who isn't capable. I still haven't given it thoughts currently but wanted to share the weird dreams and waking thoughts just in the case that it is the parasites and at some point when they study this "Kraken" parasite more fully, they will know how it has affected me. I have tried to document everything that I feel, try, what works and doesn't very carefully so that others may be helped and perhaps we can get ahead of this thing.   

It is 4:30 a.m. I got a few flats of pears today from the food bank and needed to dehydrate them for the workers and my day just got away and by the time I got home, talked to Princess Five for 1/2 hour as I hadn't seen her all day, got a call from Princess Four with car problems, etc etc, took my fourth dose of my new parasite medication..... It was very late, or should I say early.

It is now beyond me to post a long blog. My stomach has been upset for hours and I don't know if it is from the medication or a flu that is going around. Either way, I am not going to be getting my blog done tonight other than this post. I even had the pictures and videos already loaded yesterday. I just couldn't get it done and hope I feel better tomorrow, or later today actually as it already is tomorrow. 
I also met another man today at a store who has the symptoms and one of my girls teachers last night. It is weird when I get the feeling I should talk to someone about it. Many times, it is complete strangers in a store and I just strike up a conversation and I let God lead it where it needs to go and it just flows into symptoms etc. Truly, I pray the right people will get on this and help all these people out! I was hoping I would know by today if the new med is working but I'll have to wait and let you know.....  

Lets hope the Kraken has a short run..... 

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  1. I had someone "anonymous" write me saying that perhaps I brought back this parasite with my family from Peru and we have been spreading it through giving out food bank food, gardening etc. My mother has had symptoms of this for much longer than we went to Peru. MANY of my neighbors and people I didn't even know and have met since, have had this for a LONG time. I believe that I probably had it much longer than I realized and think one of my girls has had it from about age 3. She used to walk in the yard barefoot and lick the bottom of her feet. She has had symptoms for a LONG time as well. I think this is all over the US as I have people from all over describing the same symptoms and it is in places I have never been but I appreciate your concern. I know the writer is someone who knows me well as they used my name in the comment and spelled it correctly, that is why I didn't post it. I can't edit their post so I am just addressing what they wrote about. I have told my family and even my Dr. that I feel like this has been around and instead of just buying the medicine to cure myself, I felt that I needed to get it "diagnosed" so that others could find relief. The person that wrote this suggested I could get the drug that works online and I guess they don't read all my posts or they would know that I am trying to go the legal route so that others in the U.S. who go to their Dr. can have a way to get treated. They won't have to lose their hair or be up night after night trying horrible drugs that make the "Kraken" angry but don't kill them off. Also, the cost of the drugs is an issue so I am trying them all hoping to find one that will work with less cost. I will write a full post but wanted to address this here as this was the post they commented on. Thinking back, if you look at the "rashes" section in one of the parasite posts, I fought water type rashes I picked up at a tanning bed for the first cruise I went on 19 years or so ago and I DO think it can be spread that way. Until we get some attention on it, I guess we will never know. I think people WANT to believe it came from Peru or some far off place rather than to think it could be in our water supply, soil, cat, etc. I personally think until they figure out what it is, how it is spread and how to kill it, placing blame won't do anyone any good. It is what it is.... I know I have it and use peroxide many time a day on my hands as I know it will kill it. There are many who don't know they have it and can spread it. Many have cats that live and sit on their furniture and lick their plates etc. I think those would be a bigger issue than me but I can understand the fear.... In the end, it won't matter.