Friday, October 9, 2015

Polishing Headlights or Headlamps on Trucks or Cars Using CLR and OFF

My dad and his wife were camping in their new motor-home near our town this week. My dad called me yesterday asking if he could come to my home and polish the headlights on the new car he just gave us. Here is a link to a post about that.
I shared with him that I already gave Princess Four the car and it was with her in the college town and not near my home. He said the headlights on it are so cloudy that he worries she won't be able to see at night so he wanted to polish them up. 
He said he had two hours to help me with a project so I should "find" something for him to help with as he knows I always have a list of things I need to get done.   
The reality, is I have LOTS that needs to be done but most of them are not something I can get done in 2 hours. I told him I needed my trees pruned but then I had a vision of my dad on a ladder holding a power tool with his recent "dizzy" spells and I quickly rescinded that suggestion. 
He also is a "geter done" kinda guy so I could see him giving my beautiful fruit trees a haircut that they may never recover from as he likes to get things done fast, he may not like that I take my time pruning them like a "bonsai" tree. I take steps back and walk around and squint at the tree to see where there are gaps or longer branches etc. 
I had him help me on another project that I have had on my list for at least 6 months. I will post about that another day but wanted to share this post as he was SO excited about this.
I had seen a short video on how to clean a headlight on a car or truck for cheap and very quickly using "Off" bug spray.

In the video, they used "deep woods off" but I had some backwoods off as it had a coupon attached for $1 off so I purchased that one instead. I figured they must be similar in chemical make up so I got the cheaper one. 

As they were getting ready to leave, he mentioned that I should purchase the "Polishing" kit for a drill bit and polish up the lights when Princess Four brings the car home next. That reminded me to try the "trick" when he was there to see if it worked. 

I grabbed some paper towels and the "Off" and sprayed some on the towel and started wiping it on the headlamp on the town car. He was THRILLED with the results and said he couldn't believe he had wasted so much money and time on the other kits. He asked about the "type" and I told him I thought any type would work but the liquid pump bottle may be easier to work with over the spray aerosol I used. 

I then thought after they left that I would try it on the Suburban truck lights and it was good but there was some water mark build up on one side so I went in and got some CLR (Calcium, Lime and Rust remover) and used that first on the lenses of the lights cleaning them first and then used the "Off" and the results were great! Watch the video and see how it worked. It also worked on the yellow lights to brighten them up even though they were in fairly good shape. 
I am so blessed to have a dad a "mom" that come and help me when they are on vacation and give me cars and do so much for our family! I am truly BLESSED!     

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