Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Princess Wants to be a Princess - Part 1

If you didn't know it before, you will know it now, Princess Four has always wanted to be a Disney Princess. She has talked about going to "Disney College" for a long time now. 

I can't tell you how many hours of "Princess" videos she has watched where girls that are, or have been, Disney Princesses talk and share about how it is to work at Disney and what the day is like and tutorials on how they do the make-up etc. 

I have watched hours with her and I know she has watched MANY more hours as she LOVES Disney and wants to learn all she can about how it is to work there.

When the girls were little, we went to Disney yearly. As a family, since then, we only went once but almost all the girls have gone with choirs, or tour groups so they all have fond memories, that is except Princess Five. 
She was so young when we went the year Princess One graduated high school that she doesn't remember much other than me carrying her around. :-) She will be headed to Disneyland this spring with her touring choir. She is quite excited about that. 

Princess Four has been looking into what she needs to do to attend the Disney College in Florida. She has worked out her schooling so that after this semester, she will only have one class left to graduate. 

While attending "Disney College," you need to have at least one credit at another university. She is planning on doing that last class online while working for Disney. 

With all that, she applied online and got past the online application process. Then, they do a "Web" interview video process. She flew through that process. 

After that, it gets a bit more personal. They schedule a phone interview. Princess had hers scheduled for 9:15 at night. I don't know that it was her best thought as if the person interviewing her isn't a night person and is in a different time zone, it may not have been the best time for the interviewer. 

That interview was last night. She said she thought it went very well. She couldn't share fast enough talking a mile a minute being excited about how things went. 

When she was home this weekend, we painted her nails and her toes in Disney colors and patterns. She figured it would help her get excited about all of the Disney things going on this week. 

We left (or should I say, I left) at four a.m. and drove to pick up Princess Four who was up at four getting ready. We drove long distances in the rain to get to the audition. She wore about every Disney item she owns, well truthfully, the jewelry is always being worn but she wore the "ROYAL" outfit up and changed into her "tryout"  outfit for the dance portion of the audition.

The picture at the top is her "Let it go" dance outfit! She is so cute in the video getting ready to go. She was sad that she had a huge pimple on her nose but hey, it is what it is and she looked beautiful. We had fun talking for the hours of the drive and I LOVED seeing her so excited about something. I'll share the second half of the day tomorrow!

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