Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cleaning and Old Vitamix - Vita-Mix - Vita Mix 3600

I was lucky to find another VitaMix at a second hand store this past week. I thought it was so odd that in two or three weeks, I found two old school Vitamix blenders and in years or searching, I have never found any.

I posted a few weeks back about how to clean a 3600 series mixer. Here is a link to my other post about cleaning a newer version of the 3600 series. 

This newer one I bought is even older. I couldn't believe when I saw the "Patn pending" on the side of the lid that I had a really old school mixer.

It differs from the newer 3600 series by having a metal nut on the inside holding the spigot in the front. It is so thin that it is really difficult to get out so I had to modify how I cleaned the blender section. 
The lid and gasket for the lid is the same. Make sure you soak it before you try and get it out as you can damage it. 

The inside edges seem to be deeper and collect gunk. The edges were very gross and dirty so it would need to be cleaned right after being used but for the power, it is worth it. 

I soaked the edges with cleaner and then used a knife to clean it. After scraping and soaking it, I used a paper towel to get it really clean. 
I couldn't get the nut off without lots of difficulty so I decided to clean around it as there was no room for anything to get in. 
With this one, I just took off the top of the nozzle and sprayed cleaner inside that and I also removed the clear plastic inside that holds the spring. 
The outside is the same as the other by spraying it and soaking it and using a knife inside a paper towel to get into the corners.  

It amazes me that the motors of these just keep going and they are so strong. These mixers are a good 30+ years old. Yet work just like they were new. 
I scrubbed the rubber with a scrubber and also cleaned the nozzle the same way. It has some years of worn goop on it. 

It is a wonderful blessing to have been able to find these older gems at a price I can afford. I decided to post about cleaning a newer mixer as the one I have is a much newer edition.    

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