Thursday, October 8, 2015

My Princess Wants to be a Princess - Part 2

When Princess Four was getting out to go into the building, it was an hour or so before the beginning of the event. They ask that you don't arrive more than an hour early. With us having to drive many hours to get to the audition through several major cities, we weren't sure how the traffic would be and with the rain, we didn't want to be late. If you know Princess Four, she is usually the last one out the door for things arriving last so SHE didn't want to be late for this either so you KNOW how much she wants to work for Disney! 
I sat there for at least 20 minutes after she went in. She wasn't in the first ten to go in either. In the parking lot while I was there, I saw license plates from five or six other states and some were from VERY far away. 

I finally left thinking I would come back and read a book in a few hours and take some pictures of the different states but in just over three hours, I got a call from Princess Four telling me to come and pick her up. 

They often have 1,000 people show up at these things and there were only 75 girls and 5 boys that were there. So, they shortened the process. They usually have three auditions and weed out people as they go. But, because there were so few people, they skipped the first few dance auditions and went to the last dance audition and then to the pantomime improve portion. I think it being an audition when kids that age are in school, made less show up. Summer auditions probably have more show as that is what everyone online says.
They broke them down into groups of 6-8 people and taught them the dance and then had them perform it. Princess Four said she did really well at the dance routine and could tell the choreographer was watching her. She felt that she did well in that section which is great as she wants to be a parade dancer/performer or a character. 

They then had them act out a situation using no words. She had to wrap a present as "goofy" and another one that escapes me at the moment. 

She showed me how she did these and I was really impressed at her acting skills. She did well there. However, she knew she was on the larger size for a Princess. She said, "I wish I had known three months ago about this audition so I could have worked on that more." But, everything happens the way it should. I truly believe this and thought that even the pimple on her nose was probably there for a reason. I think sometimes things happen that may seen bad at the time but later we see that they are good. 
I know a guy that broke his leg jumping out of a plane and the next day, his entire unit got sent into battle and he was the only one that lived due to the broken leg. So, at first glance, he had "bad" luck for braking his leg but in the end, the break was "good" luck because he didn't die. 

I feel like that is how life is. We label things as "good" or "bad" due to our perspective. But, in the end, it just "is."  This was reinforced after I picked her up. She said they chose 6 girls out of the 80 people for "princess" characters and several had already worked for Disney in other positions and due to that, knew how to act, what to say and how to dress and speak. There were at least two of the six girls that she spoke with that were that way having worked at different positions as "escorts" to princesses in the past that were chosen. 

She was quite up beat hoping that she will hear she can be a dancer. There was one guy that had worked as a dancer for Disney but had a family emergency and left but was "re-auditioning" to go back. It seems that once someone works for Disney as a performer, they are "hooked." 

I am not sure how long she will need to wait to find out but online, they all say, "I received my letter stating....." so I am guessing she will get a letter in the mail or an email about it soon. I asked if she isn't a performer, if she still wants to go and she told me, "YES!" I tried to talk her out of it at that point because spending money on airfare, deposits, housing, etc and her being so far away without a car or any family near for her to work in a food court or a cashier at a hat shop seemed a bit overboard to me as they only pay $10-$12 an hour. She could work as a CNA (nurse assistant click here for a post about that) making $20 an hour at many places. But, that isn't her dream so I will support her in whatever she chooses. I did tell her to get a job working as a CNA in Florida part time if she goes so she can at least make enough to live, otherwise, everything she makes will go to food and rent.

As we left and were on the highway home, a van pulled right in front of me with a phone number and the last three digits were.... Yes, you guessed it..... 111. There was a yellow smiling face sticker just below the numbers and I asked Princess to get the camera quick but by the time she found it in the piles of stuff in the back seat, the van had taken an exit. 

We continue driving and this truck pulls past me. Now, I was going fast so for this truck to pass me, it had to be going VERY fast and once again, it pulled in front of me! By this point, she couldn't deny it was a sign because I don't think I have ever seen a car, van or truck with a phone number on it with a 111. So, she grabs the camera that was now handy since the last "sighting" and takes a picture. 

I am traveling through a town where I have a cousin who was kind enough to order some suckers that Princess Five is selling for a fund raiser. I figured I could drop them off at his home as I knew he lived near my brother. I also needed to drop off a wedding gift for my nephew so since they were close, I called my cousin asking for her brothers number so I could deliver these suckers. She proceeds to give me his number and it is 1115 for the last digits. I was shaking my head at this point. I get out to walk to his home and in the center of his circular driveway was this penny! I, once again, shook my head in disbelief at all the signs I had gotten in the few hours since her tryout. I get back in the car and am driving down the road and look down just in time to see 111 since my last fill up. Not something I usually look at unless I am getting low on gas. 

We get to her town and I am leaving her the car my brother and dad gave to us instead of the suburban that isn't starting. (Click here for a post about that) We were SO blessed as she asked one of the neighbor boys to come out and help us push the suburban back so we can try jump starting it. He happens to have a tow strap and ends up towing us to a car shop where he "knows a guy" and it was just after five and I was worried in the small town that no one would be open. Princess hurried over in the new car telling him to wait for us before closing. 

I thought it was the starter and it was. They were able to order one, the supply auto store gratefully had one in stock and within 1/2 hour, they had the new one in and the car was running! Princess paid the $150 it cost as I had gotten lunch, all the gas tank fill ups, a new steering wheel cover, and several other parts needed for her new car touch ups that I wanted to do. I was very grateful that I was able to get them done for her and leave her with a newer functional car. In fact, she went from the oldest car to our newest car with the least amount of miles! Yahoo for her! 

I went in her apartment to wash my hands after everything before heading home. She has decorated her bathroom walls with her Princess clock and removable wall stickers and on the other wall, they have pictures of the Disney women and their favorite quotes. 

I took a picture of her "Letting go" of the suburban and happily receiving the new Esteem! I give her hugs and head home. It is dark, I am tired, I get home! I needed to blog and I get on and write the post and get into my account to get it ready to post at 8 a.m. and the time that you open the post and start writing is the time that it automatically sets to post before you go in and actually set the time you want it to post. 

I just started laughing when I saw that the time I started writing the post was 11:11! I felt that my Heavenly Father was just reassuring me that I was in the right place at the right time to support my girl and, that He was letting me know that HE was supporting me in supporting her and that the penny was my reminder to "trust in HIM" that it will all work out like HE wants it to no matter how I worry or fret, in the end, it is all HIM!

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