Friday, October 23, 2015

Cleaning a Vita-Mix - VitaMix - Vita Mix 5000 Series Blender

I have blogged over the past few weeks on how to clean old school Vitamixers that are first generation 3600 series. 

I then decided I would blog about how to clean the newer versions. The ones that come out now have a cleaning setting but mine isn't that new. So, with that, I decided to go ahead and post about cleaning those that doesn't have a cleaning setting. 
I used "totally awesome cleaner" on just about everything. They have an orange cleaner is a great degreaser. I use it when cleaning any kitchen appliance. 
I made some tomatillo sauce and wanted to clean the vitamix quickly so I added water and a few drops of dish detergent and put the variable option. 
I pulsed the speed for about a minute and it came out very clean. I sprayed the entire outside of the unit with the orange cleaner and then let it soak while I cleaned the pitcher. 
The square base in some ways is better than the old design as it doesn't have the little windows under the pitcher section like the old ones which makes it much easier to clean. 

I liked the stainless steel on the base better than the white as white shows more dirt. I think they would be smart to continue with the square design but go back to a stainless base. Just my thinking but any way you look at it, I think the Vitamix is one amazing machine. 

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