Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The DIY (Do It Yourself) Guide To Pruning

The past few weekends, I have been working in my front yard. I have been cutting off branches from my poor nectarine tree. It got some black hornet insect with black wings and it destroyed my favorite tree. 

My neighbors have all been in mourning over the loss of my tree. I got not fruit on it for the past two years even after I poured poison onto the roots hoping to kill the insects larva that truly killed off the tree. 

I cut almost the entire tree off but couldn't bring myself to cut off the one living branch. 

Princess four was helping me that day and jokes that I made a "Horten Hatches and Egg" tree. She keeps telling me that I need to make a "Horton" to stick in the tree. It would be funny but I don't have the time. 
I then cut back one of the flowering plum trees significantly since my little long boarding friend skates past, especially now that I fixed my sidewalk.  

In this post, you can see her ducking to get under the branches of the tree. I took care of one hazard but made another by fixing the sidewalk allowing her to "zip" along where the low hanging branches could cause a problem. 

So, the one side of the tree looks rather bare but I had to do the same with the other flowering plum at one point so I know I can "train" it to fill in the holes in a year or two. 

This past weekend, I finished pruning the front plums and the actual plum tree. I mentioned in this post, that I fell this summer and landed on my left knee and right arm. Since that time, my right shoulder has gotten worse and worse. Sometimes, I can't lift it past my elbow height. 

Saturday, being in the trees on the ladder holding power tools for hours, by Sunday, I could hardly move my arm. I was leading the music in our church meeting and could only slightly move it. 
Later, I was trying to drink something with my right hand and had to use my left hand to lift the right arm up to drink and didn't quite make it and dripped down my front. This disturbed Princess Five who gave me a weird look and I explained that I couldn't move my arm.  

I am hoping that it is just me overusing it lately and that it will heal if I slow down some and start using some oils on it. Princess Five rubbed some on a few times when it acts up and I am grateful she is willing to do that.

I look at my yard and I still have three fruit trees to prune, windows that never got washed last year that need it much worse now. 

Garden beds all around that need cutting back and cleaning, poison the weeds, wash the garage door and apply another coat of teak oil for good measure, edging the grass all around the front and back so it will look good all winter and I never did get to cleaning the vinyl around my picture window that is still redish from the calcium and red clay that blows from the hills. 

There is always plenty to do and I try to get the main outdoor stuff done when it is warm out and when I have the garbage cans as I fill them every week and can't do more until garbage day. I am also trying to "make" Christmas presents due to finances and I'll be posting about some of those soon. 
The girls all know what they are getting so it isn't a surprise but I want to post videos as they seem to get more views than just a blog post so I am trying to be better at making instruction videos as I think my girls would watch those over reading my blog posts but it is a transition for me. 
Since I have so many posts on how to prune, I will link you to one here but I needed to post the video about how to prune so I figured today would be a good day.

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