Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Modem MeltDown

Sorry that there was no actual post today. I am writing this the next day. I have been fighting horrible internet for some time. We have to unplug and replug in the modem and router all the time. We haven't been able to consistently do much of anything. It took me hours of calling my internet company. I finally got a wonderful worker named Matt who walked me through it and I was able to get my new modem working.

I wanted to share my blessing about that. A few months ago I went to help my neighbor fix his computer. While there, he gave me his old printer and modem. I had the exact modem he did so I didn't have to do much once I figured out that the modem was the problem. The internet light is supposed to be solid but the my old one was was flashing and I was grateful that I remembered that at some point so I could not have to trouble shoot anymore.

That was a blessing. It was funny that the girls turned on the radio and were talking about how difficult it was to go "old school" not having their favorite internet stations available. I am grateful for the internet and how blessed we are to have it available and to have Wi-Fi and all the blessings we do.

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