Monday, July 20, 2015

Living Life Anchored - Sweats Printed for Free

You know for girls camp this year our theme is "Live Life Anchored" and we are doing a boat / travel / ocean type theme. 

I wrote a post a month or so ago about finding a SUPER deal on sweats. I got them all for $3 each on clearance at Kmart. They have pockets and are double stitched seams and very good quality. All the girls, when trying them on, asked if they could keep them on as they were so comfortable. Here is a link to that post. 

Around the same time I purchased the sweats, the girls church leader told me her son bought a shop in town where they print shirts, do trophies etc. 
We were able to find a pattern we liked online, contact the owners of the patter / logo we liked and they sent us the design we could manipulate to the size we wanted. 

The designer at the printing shop gave us some options and we picked the one we liked best. We chose blue for the ink as it is "ocean" color and showed up well on the black sweat pants. 

After arriving home from being out of town for four days, I picked up the sweats and was THRILLED with how cute they came out. 

When I picked them up, the leader said her son donated the printing since we were doing it for church and her husband works there and helped with them.

For $3 plus tax and some elastic I had already and some sewing time for alterations, we got some sweet sweats for camp! Princess Four came home for a few weeks break from work and decide she is going to go to camp with us and wants a pair of sweats. I had to smile as I purchased a few extra for such an event. She actually has to come and drive Princess Five up as she will be missing the first day of camp due to being in the "Cinderella" community theater production that day.  

I have to be up there already so Princess Five needed a ride and it is WONDERFUL that Princess Four is going to take pictures of her in the play for me and then bring her up after. I am grateful they will be doing their first performance the night before camp so I can enjoy doing both events! 

Princess Four helped me fold and stack the sweats by name alphabetically and I have a few more to alter as we have a few new people coming as one just moved in and a friend may be coming so I have a ton to do and am adding altering those to the list. :-) 

I just wanted to share how grateful I am that I am so blessed to find amazing deals and just what I need for what I am doing at the time. I have so much going on that once again I don't get things posted and hope I can share all the blessings I am having in my life with you as I do believe that when we share our blessings with others, it strengthens us both!

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