Thursday, July 16, 2015

Song Books for Camp

Forgive this short post. I have been up all night working on these songbooks for camp as I have a busy schedule and need to get them done before camp.

I spent a LONG time on yesterdays post and actually should have made it two posts as there is so much in it. I haven't done this maybe a hand full of times in the many years I have been blogging but I need to head to see the infectious disease specialist in a few hours and still need to pack. I haven't been to bed yet and my friendly neighborhood parasites are in rare form tonight. I can feel them crawling in about six areas on my body as I type. My lungs are burning and even that spot on my back is burning.

Apparently, they don't like me holding hydrogen peroxide in my mouth for extended periods of time. Hope to share more with you after the weekend. I have lots going on this week. Hope you have a good one.

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