Monday, July 27, 2015

Jr Leader Pirates - Ready to Plunder

 I have girls camp this coming week so just know that my posts are going to be small. I have to share that at this point in my summer, I am kinda wishing school would start. :-)

I have my family camping the next week and that will also be a pretty short week so I will try to share interesting things but things that won't take me much time to post.

I bought some iron on patches a few months ago for about $2 for the bag and it had 35 or so patches in it. It had lots of these skull and cross bones patches.

Princess Five took a hand full to cheer camp as they made t-shirts cutting them up and decorating them and they ironed on these patches.

When we decided what to do for Jr. Leader camp day, we decided to make them the "Pirates" trying to get the girls to get off the well used paths and lure them into troubled waters.

I had exactly 8 patches left.

I had some skull charms that came when I got a bag with several different charms in it for a few dollars. The bag had exactly 8 of these cute skull charms that I just put on red ribbon for each girl.
I had some pirate hats I was going to use but decided I wanted the bandana / tied pirate look. I went to a second hand store specially to look for some fabric to make these scarf / bandanas.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this Aeropostle scarf with little skulls on it in the loose weave fabric I was looking for. My father in heaven has been so good to me these past few weeks. With not feeling well, I have just kept praying that everything I would need would show up so I could have the strength to get what I needed to for camp without totally exhausting myself.

The rack it was on was just wheeled out and I had some other fabric off the shelf I was considering using but when I saw this, I knew it was just for me.

I  folded it corner to corner a few times an when it was about the size of a bandana I cut them into pieces. Guess how many pieces or scarves I got out of the large scarf? YEP exactly 8. Seriously incredible that it just happened to be there and it would be the exact size needed to work.

The camp fund got depleted accidentally by someone's oversight so I have been trying really hard to find ways to keep the budget down as now everything I purchase is out of my pocket. I knew I had some white t-shirts in my sewing room stash.

I dug out some white shirts and found a stash of these long tanks. I am sure I purchased them to make pj's out of for one of the girls birthday or something. I asked the girls what they thought to see if they thought the other girls would like the tanks verses long t-shirt.

Princess Five said she thought if she cut them up and made holes in the neck and laced the bottom of  the shirt which she cut off and made into a tie.

She cut it to make it look like a V on the neck. They came out really cute. I needed to have all the skulls ironed on and then once I had the scarvess cut, I laced the ribbon through to the charm.

I am so tired that I was dreaming sitting up and wrote, "I laced the ribbon through the vegetable." So tired!

I am not sure why the photos won't allow me to scroll around them but I am toooooo tied to care at this point.

The finished bags had their shirt that they could cut up any way they wanted. The charm and the scarf. I think they are going to be really cute pirates. I have eye patches for each girl.which they will get at the beginning of their hike.  I can't wait to share all the cute things we are doing for camp with you.

Hopefully, I can stay up enough to finish off some blog posts tomorrow and show you some before I head to camp. I have lots of gratitude moment trying to put this thing together and my Father in Heaven is looking out for me and I will hopefully hare a few of those stories as well.

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