Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Nightmare of it All - Horsehair, Nematomorpha, Gordian Worm - Strogyloides Stercoralis or Thread Worm - Part 6


I can't begin to tell you how tired I am right now. My knees hurt as the parasites have settled lots in them lately causing some arthritis symptoms. 

My eyes are getting really bad so that I can't seem to focus on anything and I can see "movement" in them on and off throughout the day. I had the one eye wake me with a flash of light inside it the other night and I think I may have posted on that recently. 

It seems like everything is blurring together lately. I have had everyone home this past weekend. I can't count the loads of laundry as several brought theirs home as they didn't want to pay for the coin operated ones at school. 

Today, I helped Princess One work out a problem on her sewing project. She wants to make "Monsters Inc" costumes for her family for Halloween. I know she will do an amazing job. She has always just made things up as she goes and she is actually trying to use a pattern which is intimidating the first time you do it and she is doing such an ambitious project. We came up with a few good ideas and I am excited to see what she ends up with. 

I had a problem getting my medication from Walmart pharmacy again. They can't seem to get the right medication in from their warehouse and keep getting the generic but my insurance will only cover name brand up to four prescriptions a month. 

They keep giving me half orders and I pay the full amount for my co-pay and then it counts as "one" prescription of my four even though I only get a few days treatment. I think they need to revisit that policy. I think I may start getting the prescription somewhere else. I thought because they were large, they could get it more easily but that doesn't seem to be the case. I keep having to go without waiting on them to "get it in." 

I also had a Dr. Apt with my primary care physician. He is really good to admit he doesn't know what to do and keeps trying different options. Today he printed off some documents on the parasite and a few others he thinks it could be as my eyes are getting worse, he thinks perhaps I may have another parasite in my eyes. 

I personally really think that my infection of thread worm is so bad that it is getting into my eyes. Either way, I read the information twice and looked up any and all of the parasites from cats and none seem to fit all the criteria other than the Strongyloides. 

I took some hydrogen peroxide to the Dr and showed him how my hands looked after rinsing them in it and then allowing them to dry a few times. For some reason, if I soak it, it doesn't show up the little ones as much as the larger ones. The larger the parasite, the quicker they show up when soaking my hand but if I allow them to dry, spray on more, allow it to dry, there are tons that come up in that scenario.
I also rinsed my mouth the same way so he could see the bumps better but trying to get my own picture for the blog proved to be difficult but if you look at the top photo of my mouth, you can see some white dots in my throat as well. The crazy things are everywhere.  

The Dr. suggested some herbal remedies. I shared some I have tried and he actually sent me home with his herb desk reference book! I guess he thinks I have more time to read about it. I don't know that I do but I definitely have the motivation to get it read.  

I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep writing this post. I see a specialist in a few  weeks but am still having all the problems I was having. 

I read on a blog today that taking the one medication for more than two weeks can cause you to lose your hair and enlarge your liver. I think I need to do a bit more research on it as the Dr. doesn't know much about this. I would hate to lose my hair! 

Keep us in your prayers. I could use a miracle about now!         


  1. Have you tried commercial grade hydrogen peroxide? The stuff you buy at walmart is prety diluted.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I have commercial grade for other things but it burns the skin and is an irritant at that percentage. I am experimenting with the best way to get them to show up the quickest for everyone to be able to do it. If I use items that others can't readily get, it won't help others who are having this nightmare also. When I use peroxide to color my hair, it makes them come up quickly but it is extremely irritating as well. I know there has to be another less trying method to get them to show up. I don't want to become toxic from all the peroxide and damage my kidneys. I appreciate your taking the time to share and hope with everyone's input, maybe we can help figure this out as it seems to be a lot more common than I first thought, it just goes undiagnosed due to the difficulty of seeing it!

    2. Take Bounce dryer sheets, cut them into smaller pieces, then choose a small area of your arm (or hand, or face, or wherever). Next, lift it up to the light. You will see thin, clear strands woven throughout the piece. These are not pieces of the fabric- they are the worms. You will be amazed at how many come up. A little warning though: those suckers will be angry and so very active.

      I haven’t figured out what to do with them afterwards other than to burn them (just the worms, not the bounce). When I try to flush them, the worms catapult right back into me in a rather painful manner.

      I discovered this trick in the past week while combating Bird Mites and Demodex. Apparently Bounce Dryer Sheets are lethal to Bird Mites (Thank Goodness!).

      I’m dealing with a plethora of parasites and Candida Overgrowth on top of my Severe Atopic Dermatitis and already compromised immune system. This has been going on since the 1st week of November. Currently, I’m trying to allocate the funds to see a rheumatologist b/c my GP believes I’ve developed the autoimmune disease Scleroderma, for which I’m exhibiting all the symptoms of systematically. The thing is, the hand tightening occurs when there are either a sudden rise in mites or rise in worms.... I wonder how many cases of Raynaud’s Phenomenon and Scleroderma are in fact due to parasites...?

      At any rate, I hope this helps! I just knew I had to share this with you. Sorry I waited all week!

    3. I probably should have clarified to rub the piece of Bounce along the chosen area. And not too roughly b/c the dryer sheet itself is threaded and it will become undone, making it harder to differentiate which are worms and which are part of the sheet. So after you lightly rub it along your skin and hold it up to the light, you will clearly see that the ones that are moving are indeed the Horsehair Nematomorpha. Sometimes they are woven within it, but if you take tweezers to pull an end out they’ll get active.
      You should be able to easily get a clean sample for testing/diagnosis this way.

    4. Thanks for clarifying that, I need to try that! Appreciate you taking the time. Have a Blessed Day!

  2. hi there..... the doctor hasnt run any lab tests? Itkinda looks like thats all dried skin from so much peroxcide not tbat i am discouting your parasite thoughts i swear i got some too tbey run around my right foot and climb up my leg at night it all goes kn til about five am.... between 8 and 5am i am screwed. Ive crapped out inch long things that are baige and look like Celery fibres and bave the same texture. I havent eaten any celery one tbe size of my pinkie came out... never seen anything move. Okay anyway enough of me you know what makes them fly out of me? Something for you to try.... llts of garlic.... i chew and swallow four cloves a day.... its disgusting and burns the mouth a bit but it starts working right away. use apple cider vinegar for a mouth wash, dilute it a bit...i go 50/50 but its stillstrong... anyway,, im eating garlic until it starts coming out of my pores where this super powered food will kill bacteria and parasites.... aa soon as it starts ckming out of my pores i will eat een more. Heh anyway... let me know how everything turns out if you want... i will help as much as i can... maybe mine will go away too. Mikeverdone AT ismindustrial.ca thats my email. Thanks eh good luck

    1. It sounds as if you may have the same parasite that I have, the long celerey thickness could be this horsehair parasite. Check out my latest post September 9, 2015 for more on this parasite and how I was able to get it diagnosed etc. Thanks for your words.

  3. Please help me if you can. I believe I have the same parasite as well as my dogs. Nobody will listen to me and I've all but stopped trying to get anyone to listen. However, they are extremely uncomfortable and I can tell my dogs are miserable. I've been told I'm "tripping" or losing my mind, but I know what I see. One really peculiar thing about these is that if you clip off either the tip or the "tail" that is sticking out of the skin, it comes RIGHT back. Have you experienced this? I have not gotten any treatment and really need help. I'm worried sick about my dogs, and concerned about my own health.

    1. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I wish I had an answer for you but I am still dealing with them as well. They are like earthworms. If you cut them in half, both halves seem to live just fine and go on their way. I have to remind you that you are not losing your mind. Science will figure this out as so many people have it, it will eventually be known, we just have to keep praying it will be sooner than later. I have been super busy and have lots going on but want to combine all the symptoms onto one page and all the things I have tried onto another page to make it easier for people to see rather than having to search my blog for hours. I hope to get to this soon but am not sure when I will have time.

      There are several different suggestions I haven't had time to research or try on my youtube videos in the comment section you may want to look at. I just have so much going on this past year and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. God bless and keep the faith. I also am worried about my health and the health of my family. I truly understand what you are going through. Have a BLESSED day.