Friday, November 27, 2015

Angels Watching Over Prince Ones Christmas Wishlist

Today was another one of those days where things ran smoothly most of the day and we just enjoyed time together. We ate and Prince and Princess one decided they wanted a new TV so he was REALLY excited to go to Walmart and try and get one of the 50 inch TVs they had for less than $300. He said he was going and headed out right for 6. 

He went and found out that they opened the doors at 4 p.m. and you needed to get a wrist band at four to come back from 6 to 8 and pick up the TV. He also went for legos and someone bought carts full so there were none left. He left the girls there and he didn’t even look at the movies. He was so bummed. After he left the girls at the store, I had to go get them and so I went and had to wait in line to get into the movie area where they were shopping for $2 videos. 

I started a conversation with the couple behind me and they told me a story about how the people were waiting in line in some corner for a trampoline wristband and he just went to where they were on the shelf and picked one up and everyone was upset because they had to wait with the wrist bands. 

Prince One was told that if people didn’t pick up their wrist band TV before 8 p.m. they would sell them to those waiting. I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask so I picked up some videos I think Princess Five would like and went to where they had the TVs and the last 40 inch TV was walking away. I asked both the 40 and 50 inch people about them and they said they all sold and told me two people stood with them for an hour to get the last two TVs that no one picked up before 8. I then went to the electronics sections asking anyone along the way if they had seen any TVs placed anywhere else. I asked in the electronics space and there was no one that knew anything there. I went to the Lego section asking if they had any anywhere and they didn’t. 

We checked out and there were two dimes on the ground at the check out. (In God we trust post about finding money here) I asked at the check out, I asked at customer service. I then asked the people standing around at the 20 items checkout / cigarette isle. They had a wrist band sitting there. They said, “Oh, this is for the 50 inch TV but I don’t know if they have any left. He took it over to someone and they said I could take the wrist band to the tire and lube and see if they had any left. We had already checked out and the girls were gone so I rushed back there and I could see two pallets full of 50 inch TVs so I asked them and they said they hadn’t seen any of the wrist bands and had no idea what it meant but not one person had come back for any of the 50 inch Emerson TV’s and they had two pallets full, over 30 TVs. 

They called the manager for the area, he called the store manager to find out that they had somehow forgotten they had the 30 TVs there for sale. There was a bit of a yelling match over the radio with one ending in a rough, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” and I guess they weren’t happy at how many upset customers had left without a TV that was featured on the front of their ad for black Friday early on Thanksgiving night. 

They asked me if I would like to purchase one. I quickly called Prince One and asked if they wanted it. His wife was on the phone and told him it was up to him. She said he wanted it so I told them I would purchase it. He called back a minute later asking if they had a 40 inch as my eldest is worried the 50 inch won’t fit but I had to tell him in a sarcastic voice that it is so sad that they didn’t have any of the 40 inch TVs left so he would have to take the 50 inch which is what he wanted the entire time. He said, “Oh darn.” With a smile in his voice. 
The guys that were ringing me out said, “This TV is much better than the one’s they sold on the floor for the sale. This one has more features and is a better quality TV. It acts as a computer monitor and has 3 HDMI inputs and all the other HD flat screen options." It was a bit difficult getting it into the car but Princess Two had to sit on Princess Four's lap and I had to drive while holding my purse and purchases. The car bumped out of gear a few times but we made it home safely.

I had to return a Red box at Walmart but their box wasn’t working so we had to go to Mcdonalds to return it on our way home. I almost took one parking spot but thought with all the people and stuff in the front, I should park in a better spot to pull out so changed spots. As I walked in, there was a dime in my path and I smiled knowing that my prayers to get Prince one his TV were answered and the angels wanted me to know it so put that dime in my path even getting me to move my car so it would be in my path to remind me to "Trust in God in all things." 
I asked the guy at Walmart if I could keep the wrist band so I could put it on my gratitude frame. They were all sweet and were putting out the TVs for other customers as I left and they thanked me for bringing it to their attention as they needed those TVs out of the lube bays before tomorrow. I am sure many other customers were happy I asked so many people about the TVs and I KNOW Prince One is happy I asked them as well! I think that much is evident by the huge smile on his face. 

Princess One mentioned to her Prince that he now needed to buy a mounting bracket. I suggested they wait on that until Christmas as Princess Five has their family for Christmas. They both got excited looks on their faces. Truth is, I have one from my winnings at Panasonic as we chose not to mount it to the wall in the end but I kept the mounting unit just in case I changed my mind. I don't see me using it any time soon so it will be great for them to have it without the cost. My TV is a 50 inch so I know it will be strong enough for their TV as well! Another blessing! 
I added this last picture as Prince One was helping me in the kitchen today. My grandmother always made au gratin potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner but no one got her recipe before she died so I used this one in a town cookbook and I smiled when I looked at what page it was on... Yes, 111! No coincidences in my world. It wasn't lost on me. This was the grandmothers home I spoke of in yesterdays post where we prayed kneeling next to the dining table every Thanksgiving. We started that tradition today but with grand-princess in the mix, it did shorten the gratitude prayer but I thought of my grandparents today at several times, on this day of family, and I am so grateful to them for a good foundation and heritage that I can be proud of. I am grateful for my little family that brings so much joy to my life.

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