Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Fixing a Stand Up Frame Back - Standing Flap

Princess Five and I were cleaning up our Halloween decoration and I bumped the end table and this frame tumbled off onto the floor and the plastic back flap that held the frame to stand it up, broke as the little plastic nubs that were on each side broke off.

I tried to put some fun tack and some tape and some loose wire to hold it up but it didn't work and if any of them came off, they could be a choke item or hazard for grand-children or other kids that come around. I thought about going to a second hand store and purchasing a frame just for the back piece but that would be another dollar or two and I really like this frame as I have a matching frame on my wall.

With nothing to lose, I figured why not try and drill a hole through the little side flaps using a small dremel bit to make the holes. I used a rounded tip rather than a real drill bit but I am guessing that would have worked just fine as well and using a regular drill would have probably worked also.

I usually do my work like this over the sink as I can use a damp paper towel to pick up any larger pieces and then just rinse the rest down the disposal.

I went through the slim sides of the plastic flap where the little plastic tabs used to be. Once I had a hole drilled in both sides, I took a paper clip thickness of wire and fed it through the sides, into the holding tube and through the other drilled hole and used pliers to pull it through and then wind it around itself as tight and firmly as I could. 

I took a close up of the hole I drilled with the wire coming out so you can get an idea how I did this. I think this could work with the thicker wood pressed cardboard and compressed wood backs that come on these type of frames. Depending on the thickness and way it is attached, it would maybe need to be altered some but the main idea is the same using the small drill bit.

I can't tell you how grateful I am for my dremel. It has come in so handy for plumbing, sprinkler, crafting and other projects around the house.

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I am grateful for my Dremel today and any day when I am doing a project. The other item I am grateful for and use often is a glue gun. Isn't modern day living wonderful!!! We are truly blessed to live where and when we do!

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