Friday, November 6, 2015

New Tile for The Batrhoom and Kitchen Part - 2

I shared yesterday about putting tile in my bathroom and kitchen. Then, I started to grout the tile. 

There is a back story. I had some help tiling my bathroom floor after all my flooding years ago. They didn't have time to grout the tile.

I used a pre-bought mixed grout and not knowing anything about grout, I used it but it was really dry and I was practically pushing it in by the hand full and it didn't wash off well and I figured grouting was not my thing.

A few years back, my dad came down and helped me tile my shower in the basement. He also had to leave before the shower was grouted. Because of my horrible experience I didn't even attempt to grout the tile in the shower. 

I hired someone to come and grout the shower and I was AMAZED when he pulled out a frosting bag filled with grout and used it to fill in the gaps between tiles. He then used the grouting float and wiped it and then rinsed with the sponge.

It took him about an hour to do the entire shower. I couldn't believe it since it took me hours to do a small floor. 

I at first mixed some dry grout in a rust color and made it rather thick but after doing about a foot, it made the kitchen look dark and the tiles changed color with the darker grout. 

I used a sharp steak knife to quickly scrape out the grout and then used an off white colored grout instead. I didn't want to use white as I thought it would show more dirt and water stains. 

I mixed the lighter grout a bit too wet as when I squeezed it in and wiped with a sponge, too much came off and then when it dried, it left holes as it had too much water in it. 

There must be a happy medium but I was happy in the end with the kitchen over the bathroom as I just really don't like the bathroom sink colors but all in all, I think it was a good thing replacing the other sink and I really like that the tiles covered up some water damage on the paint over the sink in the kitchen. 

I made videos of showing how I used the frosting bags and also a second talking about how it left holes. I just went over the entire thing a second time after the holes showed up and it seemed to work ok but just more work. 

Don't forget to use a "Grout Seal" product over the grout so that it doesn't stain with mildew or other stains in the kitchen. I show the product I used in the video.

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