Thursday, November 5, 2015

New Tile for the Kitchen and Bathroom Part 1

I put a new bathroom sink in a few weeks back with some help from my dad. I kept postponing posting about it because I wanted to make a video on it. I never did. There are so many times that happens and life moves on and I never get to posting things. 

The sink I put in the bathroom to replace the old sink has a shorter back splash so that left about an inch of drywall showing that needed to be painted. I didn't have exact paint and hoped what I could find would be close enough but as you can see by the top picture, it was darker than the wall paint so I needed to do something about it.

I found some glass mosaic tiles at a second hand store and they were a dollar or two a sheet and there were four sheets. I thought they matched the bathroom well enough that I could use them as back splash in the bathroom and then stick a few rows over the shower to not have them only over the sink.
I looked for my tile stuff in the garage but it wasn't where it used to be so I wonder if I donated it or something.  A great neighbor Greg lent me the adhesive and the spacers. I loved that the tiles are on mesh so you can place the entire row or two by just cutting the mesh between rows. BEST invention ever! 
I tiled the shower in that bathroom with my dad so I have done tile work before so I wasn't too nervous about it but I was glad that my friend Greg told me to put spacers at the bottom of the tiles as well so you can grout the base. 
When my dad and I did the tub tiles, we didn't use spacers at the base and the grout hasn't stuck well at the base since there was only the tub and tile for it to stick on. 
It is always nice when you can have someone give you tips about things they know to save you time.  

I am not thrilled with the sink we installed as it was a used sink but I don't have the funds to be picky in my life so I am just grateful that I was able to find one that mostly matched for a price I could afford and hope that the tile back splash works. 

I also have a place behind my kitchen sink that water has damaged and I also can't afford to redo my kitchen and the counters at the moment so I figured with the tiles I had left, I could do a little back splash in my kitchen as the colors of the tile actually match better in my kitchen than the bath. 

I stayed up late putting the tile in and will share what I learned about grout tomorrow. :-)

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