Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Halloween Tradition - Picking Your Treat

The past few years Halloween has been weird. Princess Five has gone to a friends house for the evening and made doughnuts for trick-or-treaters and only went to a house or two to trick or treat. 

Last year, I was working on pruning the Big Tree in the back and handed out candy once I finished but it wasn't enjoyable since I had worked late and was very sore.

This year, I was planning on working in the yard but wasn't feeling all that great and so I figured I would skip that for another day. I was sitting at my table with some jewelry that I had gone through and was about to put them in the larger bag of jewelry that I am getting rid of when I had a thought. 

I asked Princess Five what she thought of me giving out jewelry for Halloween. She thought it wasn't great or not great and so I thought I would try it for a few kids and if it didn't go well, I would just go back to only candy.

So, I thought I would have a tray of candy and a tray of jewelry. I took the pirate trays I had and laid out the candy and laid out the jewelry and put them on a stool by the door so that they could choose if they wanted candy or jewelry. I had scouting stuff, pins, some boys necklaces and lots of girls jewelry. 

I didn't stick any earrings out but put all the other stuff out I had. I had some key chains and some collectors coins as well. 

The first two kids were THRILLED to be able to pick what they wanted. Both chose trinkets over candy. The first boy took the scout neckerchief holder and a girl picked jewelry. 
After such good responses, I took a piece of red fabric and put more items out. There was a pin from Wisconsin on the tray and I figured no one would ever take it but I figured I would put it out anyway. 

Kids LOVED picking something. The boys 2-5 picked candy and almost everyone else picked jewelry, pins or coins. 

Princess Five and I decorated the house using the pirate from girls camp and a chest that I found at a second hand store and then I put in lots of gold and silver jewelry. 

I thought that was a great back drop for the jewelry and brought the whole "jewelry" theme in. Soooo many kids ran off to show their parents what they chose and several of the kis said "This is the best house ever!" 

Then, another boy said, "I am coming to your house EVERY year!" 

I thought it may turn out weird and I would have to go to just handing out candy, but in the end, I didn't give out much candy at all. 

I gave out candy to about 20 people in all. I had two boys come up and they were thrilled to get pins and then they ran to tell their dad who had a little one about a year old. He brought the little one to the door and then he said, "Oh, if I had to choose, I would have taken the Wisconsin pin." I told him he could take the pin. 
He rolled up his sleeve and showed me a Wisconsin Tatoo. He was from there. He was SO excited about the pin that he went out and told his friend about it and then his friend came and asked if he could have a pin. He was at least 35 but was SO excited to be able to pick a pin. 

You can see the red and white Wisconsin pin in one of the pictures above. I didn't get one negative comment all night. It was really fun to hear the comments and see the smiles as they got to choose what they wanted. 

I got rid of lots of jewelry that night and made lots of new friends. I took a few pictures of my sister and nieces and also of a few cute costumes. This mom made this chicken costume out of several boas. I thought it deserved a picture. 

I also got a picture of a friend of one of my girls we haven't seen in a long time with her son. I also took a picture of a cute "link" costume and a teen boy that was thrilled with a "POW" coin he chose. 

It was amazing to me that within a second or two of seeing the jewelry or pins, people would pick out something they loved. They didn't have to search long. They just seemed to go right to the one thing they would want. 

I fear I may have set myself up to do it again next year. I think it may be a new tradition.

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