Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Stories This Sweatshirt Could Tell

I wonder if others have a favorite work shirt, pants etc. 
I purchased this sweatshirt on a clearance rack for $2 or $3 many years ago at Kmart. I liked it because I have a long torso and many sweat shirts pull up in the back leaving my lower back exposed and I hate when I catch a chill on my lower back. 

This shirt was a size 3 x and that made it long enough that I could wear it and it would cover my lower back when I was working. About 15 years ago, I started painting the house and painted just about every room since then. It was nice to be able to have this sweatshirt while working. I love that it is mostly cotton which makes it so much more comfortable.

Since that time, I have worn it to remove and replace the windows on my trailer, paint the outside doors and trim on the house. Worked in the yard, tiling the shower, replacing lights and lots of other jobs. 

I wear it all the time because I always find myself doing some project even if I hadn't planned on doing one. It just happens that I start working on things and when I wasn't wearing it all the time, I ruined many shirts, jackets and pants. 

I stick my fingers through the holes in the wrists to keep my hands warm so it is nice that I have it. I think if I ever make myself a t-shirt quilt, I will have to include a square of this in it as I have so many memories wearing this sweatshirt.

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