Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Christmas in Years - Update

So, I was so tired the past few days traveling and having everyone home, I didn't get to post about our wonderful Christmas day. 

Princess Five got a laptop and was super excited so she could now use it to play her new electric guitar by looking up chords for her favorite songs. 

In the past, she has used her ipod to do it and has to scroll in the middle of the song to be able to see the chords.

Because our family is changing, our typical traditions aren't working for us anymore. We used to open our pj's and put the girls in one room watching videos and playing video games. We would read the story of Christ's birth in Luke and do our little puppet story. 
This year, we played the game with dice to win videos. It made the evening enjoyable for us all. 

Then, the next morning, we got up and enjoyed seeing what we got and then it was so relaxed since we didn't have to clean up and head out of town the next morning. 

Everyone took a nap and relaxed playing games and with their new toys etc.  
I hope our Christmas's in the future can be as fun. I shared that my favorite moment was when everyone was playing with something they got and the girls were playing the guitar in the other room. 
There are those moments when you are just happy and content and everything seems to "fit" and be "right" just as it is. I have a few of those in my life and that was just "one of those moments." 

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