Friday, December 5, 2014

Making Heirloom Handmirrors with Family Silverware or Jewelry

I have a best friend who has been my friend since high school. We see each other a few times a year. She has been in a few posts as have her girls but she wished to remain out of this post so I will just tell you, she is VERY talented, a great mom and one of my best friends!

She is always working, changing things, coming up with new things. She is a great employee that way because if it can be done fast and in a more efficient manner, she will find it.

She has found herself with more free time as her children have grown and finding something to do with that free time has brought out so many creative talents in her. 

Each time I visit her home, something is changed, painted, created. She made a work desk out of a door. She made really cute jewelry hangers which inspired me to make some jewelry holders for my children.

With that and her children moving out, she has branched out to making things for others. 

She is now creating one of a kind heirloom mirrors out of the family's Silver and jewelry.

She takes orders and finds out what the woman or girl likes. She can create using her own items or items provided by the family. 

If they have silverware that is a family pattern, she takes a knife from that patter and turns it into a silver mirror. 

She sandwiches the knife between glass and thin wood and glues it securely. Then, she starts to design something just for that Person. 

At first, I thought there was not going to be a market for them. She would text me pictures of them and they were all beautiful but I never use a hand mirror so I figured other people don't either.

However, they really are art! It isn't just a hand mirror, it is a piece of the person she is creating it for and a piece of her. 

People say you can't put a price on art and I am guessing that is true in most cases. I look at he mirror and some touch me more than others and when another person looks at the same batch of mirrors, they will be touched by a different mirror or piece of art. 

We each have different tastes and likes. The sign of a true artist is to reach into the person they are trying to connect with in order to create a piece that they will love. 

I think by the growing demand for my friends work, she has connected with them and found her calling as an artist. 

I almost wish now I hadn't given away those three large grocery sacks of jewelry at girls camp.  Click here for a post about that.

It was fun for the girls to get the jewelry but I can imagine what my friend could have created with all that jewelry..... 

I will have to start collecting again. I don't buy as much in the large bags as I used to but I can see that one persons junk jewelry is another persons heirloom mirror. 

Isn't this little chicks one cute. I guess a daughter of someone collects chicks and they wanted one that reflected the love she has for her collection. The jute/burlap edge is so cute. 

I am wondering if my girls would like to do something like this over the holidays. Prince one wouldn't probably enjoy that so much. We need to find him some company... Anyone know any handsome princes I can hook up with my girls?  I KNOW Prince One would thank you!

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