Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

I was washing the dishes from Christmas dinner when beautiful singing came from the other room. I grabbed my camera and got the last few seconds of  a Christmas song the girls were singing. I asked them to start over and sing the entire song. 

Grand Princess One is teething cutting her first top tooth night before last and is working on the other front top tooth. She has been a bit upset in-between our dosing her with Tea Tree Oil for the pain. We had just put the tea tree on her gums which makes them a bit numb like "Anbesol" but using a natural oil. (Click here for a post about that.)

The girls started singing and then the baby starts pursing her lips and blowing and spits all over Princess Four who was holding her. It was funny but the girls still sounded good singing "A Merry, Merry Christmas" for you! 

We hope this finds you all well and having a Merry Christmas!!

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