Monday, December 29, 2014

Annual Christmas Skating Party First For Grand-Princess

My Father pays for us to rent out a skating rink fun zone place every year after Christmas. Normally, we have the entire place to ourselves in the morning before they open for others. 

This year, two people had to work the day after Christmas so we moved the party to the Saturday after Christmas. 

This was the worse mistake we have ever had with the annual party. There were about five or six birthday parties going on at the same time plus it was booked out in the morning with two larger private parties and there were left overs from that party when we arrived at noon. 

It was a mad house and my guess would be about 500 people there while we were there. It is a LARGE building with laser tag, ball zone with many areas, a bounce zone, a roller blade, skateboard track and a regular skating rink with arcade. Also, above and under everything is a large netted area with little zones of ball, swings, climbing areas, etc. 

We have been doing this party for MANY years now and I really can't remember the first year we did the party. Here is a post from 2010. Here is a post from 2011.

I am sure there are pictures from the last two years or so on here as well but I am so tired and "sit-itus" is hitting me hard so I gave up on getting those posts.

I loved some of the pictures I got of my brother playing with his kids who were in the "ball pit" throwing balls at him and he would make funny faces acting like he was hit. I love that I got several balls in mid-air. 

I didn't do any of the activities and most of the girls didn't either as we were going to get a family picture taken afterward. Thus the bored look. I really messed up on the pictures. I called a place where I had a photography picture plan with so many sittings and a free 8x10 with each sitting. 

I haven't been there in years and I guess the national chain closed down and sold their name database to local photographers. It was an office complex and we had to rush from our party to the complex across the city and it wasn't a studio, it was an office with all the walls painted a different color and the only solid background color he had was bright purple. 

It was a long day.  The party was fun as we enjoy seeing our extended family but it was a VERY long day.

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