Friday, December 12, 2014

Car Play Mat, Rugs, Hot Wheel Town, Fun For Kids

Growing up, my grandmother made us a little car mat on green felt. It was fairly good sized and had train tracks, river, hospital, store, airport, police station and houses on it. 
She cut and sewed all those little pieces onto this mat. It must have taken her hours. We played with our little Hot Wheel cars and Matchbox cars for hours and hours on that mat. 

I loved that mat and the hours playing with my siblings. I always thought I would like to make one for each of my girls but the time to put them together would be huge. 
About two weeks ago, I was with Princess One at a second hand store when her new car was having problems as we waited for it to be fixed. 

While at the store, we found the cutest flag / mat map of Disneyland. It was so cute. Princess One said she thought her husband would think that was a cute gift. 
I posted a year or so ago about how the girls picked out the hot wheel cars we had that they wanted as they were dividing up much of the kids toys etc. 

I bought the mat but I really don't think it was intended for a car mat as it is thinner like a flag but it would be such a cute car mat.

Prince and Princess One are DISNEY freaks. They LOVE Disney so I thought it was great. 

I smiled as I looked at the Disney map because I actually have the pink car and Minnie Mouse driving it shown in the map mat from when the older girls were little somewhere. I will try to find it before Christmas so I can give it to them with the mat.
I purchased some blue felt to back the map and some blue satin binding to put around the edge giving it a thicker feel so it will be more like a mat or rug for the cars to drive on. Both the flannel and the binding were both from the second hand store.

A few days later, I found this cute "cars" station for $2 at the second hand store that I planned on giving him as well. 

A few more days go past and I find packaged "Cars" cars new at the second hand store for $2 each. I bought him three to go with the cars toy and the Disney mat. 

A few more days go past and I find the adorable home made car mat customized to a local town near us.

Someone spent some time using markers on canvas to make their child a custom car mat with church, post office, police station, airport, farm etc. I would add a hospital if I were making one but how CUTE is that! 

The same day I found that mat at the second hand store, I found the cars actual carpet mat shown below! $2 each. I couldn't resist getting them as they were so cute. The "Cars" station, mat and "Cars" cars will go so cute together! 

I think I will see if the girls want to make their own car mat / rug over the holiday. Wouldn't that be fun. I do think we need to add the Canal to the mix however since that is a town tradition. I also think a park and a "City sign" would be cute at one end of the mat. 

The possibilities are endless. So much fun in such a little mat! Drive ON!

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