Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My - One a Day - List

If you read this blog, you know I fight with sinus migraine headaches whenever there is a storm coming. I am also dealing with thyroid and low iron issues also, so, I am tired much of the time. These issues are all hard for me because, as I posted about yesterday, I am a "doer." I LOVE getting things done and creating new things and taking something others may not want and making it into something beautiful. 

I used to make lists almost daily on what needed to be done and loved "checking" off items on the list each day. I have always had a longer term list of "need to get done" things that take longer than a day to finish. Things such as, "Sanding down the upstairs master bath and repainting." would be on the "long term" list. 

Because I am so tired, some days I get nothing off my longer list and nothing off my daily list. Those days are like today. I spent most of my day dealing with trying to get my car inspected. Sounds easy enough.... Not always easy.

As the day progressed, I would slide my words together mixing them up. I had several times when I would turn and feel dizzy or nausea. One would think after nearly 30 years of these headaches, I would have picked up on the signs something was coming. 

Nope. So Princess Five laughed at me as I got more and more words wrong in our conversation as my head started to ache. 

I had a cute post I wanted to share today but it has a few videos I want to post so that went out with the bath water as I am dealing with the head pain. I am praying the stuff I took will make it so I can at least sleep tonight as it is raining now. 

With that, I figured I would do a post about my "one a day" goal that I am now doing. While working on one of my "one a day" list projects, I looked at this tag and just smiled seeing it had 111 in it on the tag.

I need to see that I am making progress on my house and since I can't get out on these cold days to finish the yard or gutters etc, I am working on rooms inside. 

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to get "one" thing out of the house, put away or finished off my "to do" list. Today, I took a large blind to the good will store. Yesterday, I took the older dehydrators that aren't working to the recycle center and put them in the donation bin. The day before, I took another pile to good will. 

Today, I went through my pants in my closet and sorted, organized etc and pulled out some evening dresses I don't want and put them online for nearly nothing to get the out of the house. If they don't sell, I will drop them even lower and donate them if they don't sell.

I also have this bag of stuff to take the good will tomorrow. This week I also took pictures of the wheelchair I purchased for my mother and the wood shelf here for my brother and got the receipts to him that I have had for months for his files dealing with my mom. I got the shelf to my mother as well and next trip I am taking the wheel chair.

The picture at the top is a collection of Pooh Stuff Princess Two has collected for most of her life and went through YEARS ago to get rid of. I had it on my list to take pictures and put it online. Flash forward to last week. I finally got all the banana boxes out of the garage and took pictures of the entire collection after having someone who was looking for "Pooh" stuff for her grand-daughters room. I made $85 for Princess Two and that is the stuff left over. CRAZY how much Pooh stuff there is. I got it posted and hope to be able to get rid of the rest of it as it is in four banana boxes and a bag for the chair and two big pillows. 

It wasn't that I wanted to keep it. I'm just so busy that dragging it into the house and sticking it all up takes time which has been used all up taking care of things like cleaning and polishing the garage door! Pruning trees! Cheer tryouts, camp, games! Girls camp! Fixing up my trailer (11 or more posts just on the trailer fix), Fixing fences.etc.

 It felt good to get that out and organized and post it online. I hope I can get some money to put towards the car she just got as it needs a few repairs to pass inspection.

Other things on my "one a day" list this week were. Get Baby, wedding, birthday and Christmas gifts wrapped and out to everyone now. I have had about 5 showers, and have a birthday coming up for my sister and the out of town Christmas gifts all wrapped, delivered if possible or ready to gift except for the kids gifts. However, I did get those sorted and in boxes last week so I could see what I had for each girl. I will have all the girls and my beautiful Princess One's family with us this year. I want to do Christmas early so we can enjoy the time we have as some have to leave after Christmas to work before New Years so if I do it a day or so early, we can have more time together enjoying the presents. 

Even on days like today when I am not feeling my best and don't feel like I get much done, I can at least get "ONE" thing done. I am thrilled that I have two bags of stuff that I just walked about collecting for good will to deliver tomorrow hoping that I am feeling better but at least they are ready to drop off if I don't feel much better.

My goal is to get "One" thing out of the house each day and "One" thing cleaned out or organized. Two or three days last week I was in the garage. This week I have worked on my closet, Princess Two's old room and my room.

Yea for my "One a Days!" Have you had your "One a Day" today?

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