Tuesday, December 16, 2014

YAHOO for YOU Princess TWO - Moving In

Princess Two has always had an issue not unpacking when she moves into a place. With the divorce, she had to pack every other week to visit her dad's as he refused to keep any of their things at his house. When I moved her to my uncles for her senior year of high school so she could attend a high school for the arts, she wasn't able to take much. 
She would come home for holidays and learned to live out of a suitcase much of the time. My uncle lives in an area where roaches are just part of life so in order to keep us from getting them, she lived with everything she owned in bins, zip up suitcases, bags, totes and duffel bags. Any kind of container that wouldn't allow the roaches in.

When she moved to college, I bought lots of clear plastic totes and she moved into a small room with two twin beds and one closet and each had a dresser. There was NO room to put anything so she kept all her stuff in those clear totes and just pushed them under her bed or in the bottom of her closet. 

When she moved into a single room at that same house for her Sophomore year, she had LOTS of room. However, since she lived so crowded for a few years, she had gotten into the habit of not unpacking. Even thought there was plenty of room, she continued to live with bins in the corner, in the bottom of the closet etc.  

During the summers while in college, they had to move their stuff out of the house they lived in so she would keep her stuff in the bins in the garage until the next year and then would haul it back in the fall. 

At home during the summer, she would live out of the totes and bins and didn't want to have to pack again in fall after only a month or two. I can't say that I blame her, I don't like to pack and unpack and had a suitcase packed for years when I would go visit my mother so often a few years back.

When she moved to the University far away after getting her associates, she had a very bare room. We didn't have much there and I didn't go buy her anything to fill the room so once again, she lived out of totes mostly. 

She actually lived with my brother for a month or two and had her bins in his garage at one point as well. When she moved home after college, she packed all her stuff into bins in the garage since she had chosen to go on a mission.

While on her mission for over a year, she moved houses often and lived out of suitcases moving every few months to another city, apartment, with a different person etc. 

Then, coming home sick, she didn't know how long she would be home or where she was going so once again, everything got packed into the garage for many more months. 

When she finally found a job and moved to a larger city, she was actually upset with me when I tried to make her room look cute and unpack everything. She kept telling me that if I unpacked everything, she wouldn't have anything to do later. She was in that room for less than a year and moved into another room in the house. 

She gets unsettled and wants to move so she keeps her things packed and in the clear bins and just lives out of them in the bottom of the closet or in the corner. 

I got a call from her the other day saying she wanted to "move in" her room finally. She has seen what I have done with her sisters rooms at college (Princess Three's here) (Princess Four's here) and how I have decorated our rooms at home (search for room and decorate in the bottom search bar to see the girls rooms at home) and have alway found it odd that she didn't want her room decorated but when I started thinking about it, she is the kind of person that likes change. She was a bit ADHD as a child and for them to commit to something is hard as things change and they may want strawberry instead of cherry so why commit to strawberry... you get the idea.

So, tomorrow, I will share how I found what I found and put it together and how to do it for "Cheap." 

I am so happy that Princess two feels secure enough in her new job and house that she feels she can unpack now. She has been collecting things for a few years now but gets rid of them when she hasn't used them so it is really nice to see her put up some pictures and decorate. Yahoo for YOU Princess TWO! (Makes me feel like I should write a Dr. Suess book about it!) 

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