Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Last High School Graduation - What a Way to Finish Princess Five

I have had so much going on with the flood the weekend of graduation, company, travel, etc that I have never gotten around to posting about Princess Five's Graduation!

As You know, I have been having lots of "Lasts" in my world the past few months. I really have looked forward to this day for years as the girls favorite teachers have all left and the way teachers teach has changed and really, my life has been so much chaos and stress for the past few years that I feel like I wasn't giving Princess Five the best. 

I have posted about that as my mothers health and death were so overwhelming I just didn't have more to give and Princess Five really raised herself during that time.

It was such a happy yet sad day in the fact that she knew she would most likely never see some of her friends again but also happy in that she is really looking forward to college since we got her registered, acquired housing and are on the hunt for a job.

She has scholarships and we are super grateful for those but we are still working on housing costs. She wanted to live where her sister lived and actually has the same room and bed which is nice as we know how to set up the room so it will be the most functional.

Like her sisters, she graduated with Highest Honors at the school, which is Magna Cum Laud and had the most honor cords of any graduate. The only cord she didn't get was science. She even had one that only four people got in the entire class and she gets to actually keep those cords but they recycle all the others so it was nice she got those awards.  

I gave her a "Princess" ring in real gold with a little crown on it for graduation. It is just a tad big so she wore it on a necklace for graduation and we will get it sized to fit her finger better. She loved it and since she was so young when I started blogging, truly she has grown up being call Princess much longer than her sisters so I think she really relates to the title.

My wonderful father made the drive down to support her and my wonderful "mother" (step mom but only in title as I love her like a mom) was supporting another grand-child at a different graduation so they had to divide and concur to support everyone.

She did however, being from Hawaii, make two beautiful leis for Princess Five and they smelled so heavenly. They were beautiful and added to the "ropes" as they were so colorful and alive!

My dad was cute working on notes during the graduation. I know where I get my work ethic. Both my parents never wasted time! Both were always working on something, even when watching a show my mother would be mending, sorting, organizing etc. I am blessed with amazing parents that way!

I LOVED having my grandchildren there. It was heaven. We all took turns holding and playing with them and we sat on the back row so we could get out easily if needed. I have never sat back so far and Princess Five had a hard time finding us as she is used to me sitting front and center for pictures.

After the graduation, she had to walk over and turn in her cords and check out to pick up her diploma and as she was walking to where they picked them up, I was walking behind her. She literally walked right over this penny on the sidewalk and I thought it was just fitting for the day as I watched my baby walking out of the school for the last time, I needed a reminder that as she walks forward without me, I need to "Trust in God" that he will be watching her steps and I need to know that!

I asked her if she wanted any cutesy photos with her national honor society collar, honor cords, leis, etc on and she said she wanted one looking into the future so she did this pose. I asked if she wanted one jumping etc like her sister and she didn't. Just looking to the future with no regrets of the past!

She really lived her life to the fullest in high school and did her best in all she attempted and if didn't work out, she moved on to the next adventure.

I am so proud of all she overcame with lots of trials this past year. I have enjoyed watching her become an amazing woman and person! I look forward to what amazing things she will do in the future! I am blessed with amazing Princesses!

Have a Blessed Day! 

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