Monday, June 12, 2017

Metal Mouth and Bumpy Tongue Japan Woes

Princess Fours latest from Japan but some sad news as well. Princess has been suffering from a metal mouth problem and has super big bumps on her tongue. Weird thing is that Princess Two had the exact same problem in Taiwan after being there for six months and now Princess Four has the exact same symptoms in Japan after six months!

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. She has a few other issues creeping up so I pray we can take care of this soon. Please keep her in your prayers! Here is her latest email.

"こんにちわ みなさん!お元気ですか? Konnichiwa!! Everybody genki!? If you're not Genki at least you are beautiful, so you've got that going for you. And the church is also always true, so we have got that going for us too!! tinge

So there were some bummer things that happens this week, like my companions shimais nice bike breaking, and our investigator crying at church, but don't worry!!!!!! I've kindly told Satan to get himself hence because those things are not going to bring me down! 

So funny story of the day includes this story from my companion  shimai's email.... enjoy.... 
"I guess now I have to explain my subject line... (her subject line says kusayoara just FYI) hahahaha! We went to a member's house for dinner last night! They're the cutest family ever and the wife served in this mission! But they have the 2 cutest kids ever! And I guess the one kid was constipated and was farting a lot at church and everyone was saying it was really smelly. and so we were talking about farts. JAPANESE 101 everyone listen up! in Japanese "sayonara" means "goodbye." "Kusai" means "smelly" and "onara" is fart.

Also sometimes to make things more polite, you add a sound at the beginning of the word, like you're putting more effort into saying it and so it's more polite. Alright, everyone please remember that or you won't get the joke! So one of the elders was talking about how in the MTC his Senpai came in and said "you know, if you really want to make saying goodbye reallllllllly polite, you can add the "ku" sound rig before it. and it will be super polite" now think about this with me. If you add "ku" and "sayonara" you get "kusaionara" which in Japanese sounds like you're saying "Kusai onara" which means "smelly fart.""

So yes everyone...... that is the story of how a little Asian baby passed gas while sitting right next to me on the couch. It was really funny. Isn't life so great. If you ever think Japanese people are serious and stern all the time, please remember this story! 

Miracles that have happened!!! 
My companion shimai is receiving a bike from a missionary going home. We had our last interviews with Nakatsuka Kaicho..... Which is sad and happy! But I choose to focus on the happy. On the way out the door he told me, "Don't be too beautiful!" So yes I will miss that man, but I am excited to get a new Presdent as well! 
We had a TON of new people come to Eikaiwa. And by a ton I mean three which is HUGE for this area. Our Eikaiwa class is kind of small, but the elders have been putting a lot of flyers in mailboxes, and it worked! 

Our investigator who hasn't really received the whole first lesson asked about tithing and giving the church money because she read about it, so we tried our best, then a Japanese elder helped us, and she seemed to understand, so that was a HUGE blessing. She asked if we could do something today, so that is a really good sign! 

Did I mention that I asked ayaka chan to take the lessons and she said Yes!? It is more of from a language perspective than a learning about the gospel perspective, but she has kept all of her commitments so far like reading and coming to church, so I think she will really listen and want to find out for herself if our message is true! So that was a rocking thing as well from this week!

We did a lot of walking to people who didn't answer, so now I am super in shape which is a blessing! I learned that the word for East is higashi..... I thought Higashi meant west....... People, my area is Higashi........ I have been thinking I lived in "west" this whole time.... so that was funny learning that! 

It rains here a lot, and the flowers are still gorgeous. People take the gardens here very seriously! An American family moved into the area, so we had an English section at church and it was awesome! 

Just in case you wanted to know I love Japan. And everyone should probably come visit/ live here some day! 

福音は真実です! Fukuin wa shinjitsu desu! The gospel is true! 愛しています! Ai shiteimasu! I love you! "

I am not sure why the pictures uploaded that way but we have had this problem before. The cantaloupe were $25 each. There are some other fun pictures.
Here is a link to Princess Two talking about the metal taste in her mouth along with other problems she had in Taiwan.

Have a Blessed Day!

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