Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Working on the TO DO list

I have put lots of things on hold in my life for several different reasons in the past few weeks. I have been working so much on my mothers stuff, but also the flood and graduation etc. I spent the weekend at a friends wedding and a nieces farewell driving much of the weekend.

I decided that today, I would get a few things off my TO DO list. I have had "coat couches" on my list for a month or two. I have a couch that is in the front room and gets lots of sunlight every day. The color on the couch has bleached due to the sun and what started as a dark brownish coating on the couch, has ended up as a light tan color.

The more I coat the couch, the darker the leather stays on the sofa. There are a few spots on the couch that have lightened that even the leather conditioner hasn't helped much. I like that the conditioner keeps the leather soft and movable instead of drying and cracking.

Here is post one about the couch conditioner I did.

Here is post two on conditioning the couch.

I worked on my bills for awhile and got current on that and then, I pulled one of my mothers boxes in from the garage. I got two car loads full of my mothers stuff a few weeks back and I worked on the tapes and reel to reels a few weeks back but hadn't started working on the boxes of papers as I had so many things going on.

I was able to sort this box and literally throw away 3/4 of the papers in the box. I was so happy about that. I have a stack of about 2 inches of things that need to be put into the timeline of my mothers stuff or distributed to my siblings, and found a few cute things that were exciting as I hadn't seen them before.

I also found another reel to reel tape. It seems that every box I go through, I find a cd, dvd, vhs, or reel to reel.

This big pile was stuff I threw out and it felt good to be able to empty a box. The fun thing about that was that I found some junk mail with a penny in it and the last thing I found in the box was a nickel!

How fitting to find a few coins in the midst of this mess of stuff from my mothers estate. I don't actually know how many more boxes of stuff I have in the garage but I really was happy to get a box of stuff off the pile of my mothers stuff and also getting conditioning the couch off the list.

I would love to get stuff off my list every day. I do have some things going on this week that will keep me from being able to get tons done but I am going to keep working on the list. It feels wonderful to get things scratched off the list!

Have a Blessed Day!

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