Friday, June 23, 2017

God KNOWS Where YOU Are

I wish I could post pictures of the events that happened today but when I tell you the story, you will understand that the child and police officer involved probably wouldn't like their pictures posted all over the world so I have pictures of the "thank you" notes I went to deliver rather than the people involved.

I didn't have anything planned for today until play practice at 5 p.m. I have LOTS to do on my "to do" list and it has also been SUPER hot so going outside into a hot car wasn't on my agenda for the day.  I thought about all the items on the list and just couldn't focus. I thought I should run some errands and started to shower and get ready and decided that I really didn't want to go out in the heat.

Another 40 minutes go past and I am ready to get involved in one of my "list" projects when I feel like I should go and deliver the last three thank you notes that Princess Five wrote for Graduation gifts. They have been on the counter for over a week and I took a walk the other night and delivered several and had a great talk with a friend and never finished delivering them. There were only three and it wasn't like there was a deadline on delivering them. No one was "expecting" me and really, I thought Princess Five should deliver them but I had a strong feeling I should go. I grabbed the three cards and headed out the door. I didn't even tell Princess Five I was leaving or where I was going which in itself is odd as I ALWAYS tell her I am leaving and why. I just grabbed my purse and the cards and headed out to the super hot car.

I get about four blocks from my home and start to head to the main street that crosses town when I look to my right to check for cars and I see a boy that looks upset, I thought he looked more mad than upset but he wasn't a little boy so I continued my turn, took another turn and headed down the main road across town. I didn't get two blocks before I had a strong feeling that I needed to turn around and see if the boy was "OK" so I turned around and headed back. I pulled to the side of the road and the boy didn't have on any shoes and it was about 100 degrees today and it was at the hottest point.

I pulled over asking the boy if he was "alright." He immediately burst into tears and was so upset he could barely talk. He told me he was lost and didn't know how to get home. He was dancing on the hot ground and there was a woman near in her driveway so I opened the door and left it open and had him sit with his feet out so he felt he could get out.

I mentioned calling the police to help find his family and he freaked out. I wondered if he had a bad experience with the police in the past but he did NOT want me calling the police so I told him I was going to call someone that could help find his grandmas. When I dialed, he asked me frankly if I called the police and I told him I called a place called "Dispatch" that could help us find his grandma.

In the conversation he said he is from about five states away from my state and that he was with his brother and grandmother visiting his grandfather and they were going home tomorrow to his state where both his parents were.

It came out that it was his 8th birthday today and his older brother took him to the pool but only had enough for one of them to get in so the 11 year old went in and gave his brother $1 to buy some candy and told him to go home to his grandfathers house and pointed him out the door and told him to walk straight and he would walk to the house. Of course, it didn't work out that way. He gave me his name but since he didn't know addresses and his last name is different than his grandparents, it wasn't helpful. I asked if he knew any phone numbers and he didn't. I didn't feel comfortable just driving him to the pool as I didn't want to be alone with him at any point and felt that the police could better deal with anything they found.

Within a few minutes, the police showed up and this sent him into another hyperventilation sobbing fit. I happened to know the office well as he used to live near me so I told the boy that I knew the officer very well and told him I would tell the police what was going on. As I shared the story, he began to insert information and when the officer found out that it was his birthday, he said, "Would you like to go swimming?" He told the boy he would make sure he got into the pool and he would drive the boy there and find the grandmother's home and make sure he was safe before leaving him. I confirmed that I knew the officer well and that he would be safe going in the police car and the little boy then seemed "OK" to go.

I never did drop off the invitations. I realized that sometimes our Heavenly Father needs one of us to help another. That little boy was states away from home with no idea where he was or how to get to a safe place. Who knows how far he would have gotten or what would have happened to him before anyone noticed he was missing. We live on a major interstate and have LOTS of out of state people driving through. Truly, I have NO doubt that God sent me on HIS errand today. I have had this type of thing happen many times in my life. I have had people show up just when I needed them and they couldn't have known my needs other than "someone" sent them my way. Many times it isn't people I even know who help just when I need it.

I am grateful I was able to be an angel to that little boy today where he could find safety and rest from the heat until help arrived. I am grateful to those who have been angels to my girls at times when I couldn't be there to help them, especially when Princess Five had her accident last summer. I do KNOW that GOD does know each of us and HE KNOWS where we are at all times. If He can't be there, He uses others to fill needs.

Thanks to those of you have followed those "feelings" when they come and I hope you all have a BLESSED Day!

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